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Hey guys-- welcome to my thin little slice of internet real estate! I'm so glad you stopped by! I'm Kathryn/Kate/Barefoot Katie, a wife and mom living in Alexandria, VA. I am a pediatric physical therapist by day, a runner/baker/blogger/DIYer by night. I have had the pleasure of writing this blog since 2008, back when I was a bored grad student on summer break, looking for a way to feed my creative outlet and keep track of my life for the years to come...

Tyler and I have been married since 2007.  We were married in Savannah, GA, my hometown, in August on a day when it was approximately 362 degrees outside and pouring rain.  We lost power to the church, had no air conditioning or organ, and it was still awesome and has only gotten better!  Tyler lives and breathes national politics, a true Beltway Boy. If you ever have a question about the HR blah blah blah bill or how the appropriations process works, email me.  He'll know the answer.

I have a sickening love for Georgia football, coffee, and my giant family.  I'm a triplet {with two identical twin brothers} with three older siblings and two younger, adopted brothers who I don't get to see too often but still adore.  We're spread all over the country but based in Georgia, so we get home often.  With Tyler's family in Nebraska, so we always seem to be everywhere but DC!  It is rare for a month to go by without a trip up and down the I-95 corridor.

Life changed spectacularly in January 2013 with the arrival of Baby Charlotte.  With her came endless joy, laughter, work, energy, and self-doubt-- she is easily the best and most challenging, rewarding part of our life.

We have established a great life here together over the last eight years and really love Washington.  We live in a great neighborhood that feels close to everything, go to a great church, and have a really supportive network of friends around us who we really love.  Life is nowhere near perfect but we try hard to make the best with and be thankful for what we have {and don't have}.  Life as three is wonderful and relatively simple, but we know that won't always be the case, so we're really savoring our life, marriage, and family in our "young years."

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