Guiltless Rest

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

I love the forced reprieve of a snow day. D.C. is just a busy place, and life as a working parents with two small kids is just busy. I love snow days for all of the anticipation-- the weather watching, the grocery store runs, the PJs inside out.  I love the waking in the morning to peek out the window and see the anticipation realized. I love watching the closing announcements, the organized snowball fights, and the news interruptions.

But I really just love the permission to pause. Weekends and vacation days are always riddled with errands and obligations and travel. Snow days allow guiltless rest. There is no dividing and conquering, no birthday parties or to-do lists-- the whole gang stays home, stays in PJs. There is movie watching and fire building and community shoveling and chatting with neighbors.
It's been a mild winter around here and I will admit, I had happily moved on to spring. But the absence of snow days this season has been felt. And after last year's blizzard, this measly inch of snow and ice feels like a bit of a cop out. BUT we anticipated and prepped and salted and peeked out the window in wander. And it's the only one we'll get this year-- so I called off work and the baby-sitter and today we will jammy and movie and fire and shovel and enjoy the permissioned rest from Mother Nature.

{And my kids are old enough to play outside by themselves. That helps. A lot.}

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