The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

Saturday, September 03, 2016

For the past few years, as this celebratory Saturday-- kick-off for the college football season-- rolled around, my husband has sacrificially rolled out of bed to get the kids up and at 'em.  Sacrificially, I thought, until I realized his ulterior motive: dressing the kids in Nebraska gear.  I got no problem with the Huskers...except they're not the Georgia Bulldawgs.

{How many times will it take my computer to stop correcting "dawg" to "dog?" I am not talking about dogs.  I am talking about Dawgs.}

Exhibit A: 2013 
{The bow positioning alone should tell you Mama didn't dress that girl.}

 Exhibit B: 2014

 Exhibit C: 2015

{That's right.  Barf all over that Nebraska onesie, Mama's boy.}

But THIS YEAR, Daddy sacrificially took my oil to get changed and I finally beat him at his own game.

It's a beautiful thing, that Red & Black.  So, all is right in our world-- it's 70 degrees outside, Game Day is on, and my children have donned their Bulldawg attire.

Still mourning the loss of CMR, but willing to welcome in CKS.  We'll see what this season holds... I am an eternal optimist and hope springs eternal.  Go Dawgs!!

{Blogger is still correcting Bulldawg...we'll give them some time, eh?}

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