Jack is Seven Months Old!

Friday, February 05, 2016

JackJack- You are SEVEN months old!

{And the happiest baby on the block...}

{Fun after the blizzard!}

Who knows, but you are so big!  You expanded in every direction this last month...long gone are your skinny newborn legs, replaced by chunky little thighs.  You still nap in your swing, but barely fit!  {I will be so sad to see you outgrow that.} You are wearing 6-9 month clothes and size 3 diapers.

Still a great sleeper, not much to report!  You take two long naps a day, one in the morning, and one in the afternoon when sissy sleeps.  At night, you sleep from 7:30 to 7:30, with a dream feed to tank you up when Daddy and I go to bed.

I dragged my feet on starting solids...it's just so easy to nurse and not have to worry about anything else!  But you're loving it and you're just so cute with food all over your face.  Pears and sweet potatoes are your faves, so far.  We just tried your first pureed meat today-- mmmm, lucky you!  Your diapers sure are changing...and magnifying.

{Well, hello ladieeeez...}

You're officially a mover!  You can army crawl like nobody's business and I find you in every nook and cranny of the house.  Your clothes are always filthy from sliding around on the hardwood floors. Putting on clothes or changing your diaper is like dressing a cat, and nothing in my hands is safe if I'm holding you-- you are grabbing ever.y.thing.

{A little less fun after the blizz... "Take me inside, Mom."}

You have two bottom teef and chew on everything.  You are particularly motivated to chew on deadly things...like fireplace pokers and computer cords.  Or my face-- I love when you come at me with your slobbery mouth hanging open.

{What's that clanging sound coming from the living room?  Oh, it's my baby playing with the soot-covered pointy objects..."}

{Distracted by the TV.  I love your sleepy eyes in the morning...}

{Mornings on slow days are the.best.  We all pile in Mommy & Daddy's bed for a good hour...}

You love to watch Charlotte run all over the house, and when you go to Mrs. Cora's while I work, you have two little girls who adore you and are happy to roll around on the floor with you, or run all over the place for you to follow.

You get plenty of attention wherever we go...

My cousin Ashley and her family visited last month-- you eight eyes on you at all times!  And lots of hands and smiles...

{We snuggled while sister sledded.}

Even though you're a squirmer, you're still a super snuggler.  I wear you so much more than I wore Charlotte-- she tolerated chest-to-chest baby carriers for maybe twelve weeks and then would have none of them.

You started sitting expertly this last month.  It came out of nowhere and I haven't really worked on it with you, you just got it one day...which apparently worries you.

You're not jabbering yet, but grunting is your new fussy.  Anytime you're tired or hungry, you turn on a very charming grunt.  You also LOVE to spit.  Like this...

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