We still got it!

Monday, August 10, 2015

Road trip mojo that is. Mad skillz.

In case you're new here, we take road tripping seriously.  When we were fresh faced little newlyweds, we did fun things like drive to New York for the day or cruise through New England in the Fall. These days, we're exhiled to the 95-corridor for family trips home with a trunk full of strollers and pack n plays. Still a worthy cause, dear family, but really, why drag this out?

Many will talk about traveling with kids and stopping every two hours for diaper changes and playground stops.  Um, no.  I love road trips but not enough to stretch them out to infinity.  

With Charlotte, we figured out how to maintain our budget-friendly traveling lifestyle but I wondered if we'd regret our commitment to drive from DC to Georgia for an August recess recess now that we have a newborn again.  But on our inaugural trip as a family of four, we're discovering we still got it.  Here's how we do it...

- Gas stops, food, and potty breaks are coordinated all in one stop. Make 'em count y'all!

- Emergency bathroom breaks at rest stops. Off the road for five minutes or less.

- Baby feedings by bottle in the back seat.

- Baby diaper changes CAN be done without getting out of the car seat.

- Don't potty train your toddler. Ever!

- If you're breastfeeding, pump on the road.  All you need is a plug adaptor and a nursing cover.

- Headphones. For you, toddler, everybody. 

- Lots of DVDs, cheap car-friendly toys {think Magnadoodles, coloring books, lacing cards, stickers}, snacks.

- Talk radio for him.

- We live and die by the app iExit to plan stops.

- And a good playlist. Kids know the music you expose them to-- you don't have to be stuck with Wee Sing Silly Songs!

We are 300 miles in with a two year old and one month old and we have yet to stop.  No one has cried and dare I say it, we're all happy and planning our dinner stop.

{Of course, we have 300 miles left to go so someone's bound to throw-up simply because I posted this...}

My kids are far, FAR from perfect, but dare I say they are great in the car.  Whatever you want to be able to do as family, start 'em young!

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