Pregnancy: Round Two

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thirty-eight weeks isn't too late to write a pregnancy update, right?

In my defense, I already wrote this blog once and then my computer malfunctioned and I lost the whole thing.  It took awhile to muster up the energy to put it all down on paper again... Thus, the only pregnancy update I've dedicated to poor, neglected Baby Grassmeyer #2.  {Anyone who tells you Macs don't freeze up is a LIAR!}

Pregnancy the second time around is different for a myriad of reasons.  There's a little less magic simply because nothing is ever like the first time!  I'm busier chasing around kiddo #1, less scared because I know what's coming, more scared because I know what's coming...

I was tempted to skip this blog altogether, but I know that while these doctors appointments, the squirming belly, and the ultrasounds are just a part of everyday life now, there will come a time when these moments are a distant, foggy memory and I'll have wished I'd written them down.

So, Baby Grassmeyer #2-- this is for you!  This is the story of how you made your presence known before you actually made your presence known.  Stuff you may or may not want to know, but guess what.  It happened.  Buckle up!

Finding Out... October 25, 2014-- the day we found out we were going to be expanding our little brood.  We were at a friend's wedding in DC and for the second consecutive Saturday, I was just feeling off.  I checked an app on my phone and passed it under the table to Tyler-- I was late!

So that night, with my parents in town visiting and sleeping under our roof, I took a positive pregnancy test and the two of us sat on that little secret for the rest of the weekend.

The First Trimester...kinda sucked.  I never got sick, so I feel like I can't complain, but I was EXHAUSTED.  And constantly starving or nauseous, so I was pretty much in a bad mood for three months.  We also wrapped up Tyler's campaign, traveled to Nebraska twice, Georgia, and Kentucky, while also moving, working, and running Barefoot Decor during the busiest time of the year.  This left little time for exercise and a lot of room for take-out-- I gained, what felt like, a lot of weight early on.  Despite my exhaustion, napping just made me feel worse.  Did I mention I was in a bad mood for three months?

Milestones: campaign night in Nebraska, sleeping at work, first doctor appointment was at 9 weeks, my belly started to peek out around 11 weeks, and no puking!

The Second Trimester... God bless the second semester.  It's why any of us have siblings.

{Week 20...I remember feeling so big then.}

I felt the first tiny kicks and flutters at week 17-- while watching American Sniper with my knees pulled up to my chest, like baby was elbowing me... "A little room here??"

Baby's heart rate at every appointment has consistently floated around 140-150, so that's not giving anything away.  Almost everyone I see, friends and strangers alike, guess BOY.  The Chinese Gender Chart says girl, so who knows!  There's not too much else to report about the second trimester except that I fully embraced all maternity clothes and that I love the second trimester.  All of the energy and none of the back pain...those were the days...

Milestones: Charlotte turned two, I started running again {after scarily gaining nine pounds in a month!}, and we DIDN'T find out the gender at the 20 week ultrasound {we were just told the kid had A LOT of hair...}.  The best thing said to me was in a gas station in North Carolina. "Hey boo.  How many months you is?"  And then proceeded to have a brief conversation about ultrasounds with two guys you would NOT expect to be discussing ultrasounds with...

Week 29

The Third Trimester...
The final stretch started out easily and I almost tricked myself into thinking I was going to get away with another easy trimester.  But around week 35, that "I cannot get any bigger" feeling set in, the reflux, the puking in my mouth when I bend over, the log rolling out of bed...  Knock on wood, I am still sleeping well with the aid of lots of strategically placed pillows {update: <--- 90s="" am="" and="" any="" babies="" been="" dc="" for="" frequently="" future="" has="" high="" hot="" humidity.="" in="" insanely="" june...temperatures="" longer="" nbsp="" no="" off="" p="" summer="" swearing="" t="" the="" true.="">
{Week the best maternity shirt ever made.}

{Week 33}

I am measuring pretty much on track-- My due date was originally July 8th, but was updated to July 1 early on.  So far, all ultrasounds are inline with this.  At my 35 week appointment, my belly measured 33 weeks {I insisted to the doctor that it's because I'm SO slim, but Dr. No Sense of Humor insisted it's because I have a long torso}.

Our 36 week ultrasound put the baby around six lbs, and at my 37 week check-up, the doctor found I am already 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced... Tyler was out of town on business then, so I didn't move a muscle for three days.  Charlotte held out until the last minute and is finally showing interest in this kiddo-- kissing my belly, talking to the's pretty cute.

                                   {Week 36-- I know, I know...bare belly shots weird me out too...}

Milestones: Passed my glucose test, ran the GW Parkway 10 Miler, rib pain set in {week 34}, maternity clothes full time, bumped up the frequency of my doctor's appointments, and Tyler and I still can't fully agree on baby names... Best thing said to me this trimester, from a kiddo at work, "You're pregnant?  There's a BABY in there?!?  You should really figure out another way to make money for awhile..."

Final Prep...
It wasn't until last weekend that I could sincerely say, "We're ready!"  Tyler and Charlotte took a special trip together to visit his sister, which left me with four glorious days of doing whatever the heck I wanted.  None of which was limited to, staying up until 2 am watching stupid movies and washing a lot of baby clothes.  I also packed my hospital bag, and made little girl and little boy piles to prepare for each {being surprised is fun!}.  I have done nothing for a nursery because I don't want a gender neutral nursery, so I have a plan A and a plan B ready to implement when I'm home over maternity leave.  Charlotte is also loving all of the baby equipment around and now watches TV in a baby rocker and insists on eating in a Bumbo... "I a baby, Mommy!" She is in for a rude awakening {and quick intro to sharing} when our newest little occupant is here.

I thought the second time around would be easier to anticipate, but it is equally difficult to envision having TWO kids as it was to envision having my first.  I'm going to have TWO kids...that's like, a real family!  I guess I'm really a grown up now, huh?  Not knowing the gender has also changed how I've attached to this kiddo, simply because I don't know how to envision what our family will look like in just a few days... The good thing is, even if you're not emotionally prepared for it, I know how instantly you fall in love with the little stranger who's been kicking around my insides for the last nine months.

We are so ready to meet you, sweet baby!  Come soon!

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