A Virtual Chestnut Praline Latte Date

Sunday, March 01, 2015

A friend of mine wrote a blog last week I loved called a Virtual Cappuccino Date.  I thought it was a creative way to write a typically boring catch-up post, so without asking her permission but giving her full credit, I'm stealing the idea!  Except today, instead of a cappuccino, on this cold, winter morning, we're going to share a Chestnut Praline Latte...Starbuck's new holiday drink from last year that I am still dreaming about.  Rumor has it, it may become a year-round drink but I have seen no evidence of this in real life.  Until then, I will daydream about that yummy, not-too-sweet coffee concoction...

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd say YES, I am still drinking coffee!  For my typical morning coffee, I drink half-caff.  I avoid things like aspartame, but otherwise I'm not NOT eating anything.  I get a lot of protein but don't have any specific cravings-- just when something gets in my head, it stays there until I have it.  Like when we drove an hour in a snowstorm last week for Chick Fil A. ;)

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd talk to you about the weather!  Up until last week, we'd had a pretty dry winter.  Which just means it was super cold and ugly, with no lovely snow to make it bearable.  Although I'd take more, I just need one or two good storms a season.  We got about five inches last Tuesday...then another three on Saturday...then another few on Thursday.  Keeping us blanketed in a winter wonderland for the last two weeks.  I love every second of it!  As we enter into March, though, I'm ready for nice spring temps...but there's more snow coming this week.

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd tell you about our awesome Valentine's Day date last week!  I have a sweet, selfless friend Amy who offered to come over and stay with Charlotte while Tyler and I enjoyed an overnight getaway in Georgetown.  We dined at a steakhouse {using a gift certificate we'd had forever...nothing says romance like a gift certificate!}, saw The Immitation Games {love}, slept in, and grabbed the most amazing, never-ending brunch at Farmers & Fishers the next morning.  It was like 2012 all over again...just fatter and greyer and tireder. ;)

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd tell you Charlotte got into preschool!  The only thing rigorous about preschool around here is how early you have to apply.  Otherwise, there's nothing crazy about the application process {at least the ones where we're applying!}.  We applied to two different church preschools very close to our house, and got into both.  We essentially chose the school that has the days and hours that work best for us.  It's three mornings a week, and I am having sweet little visions of pushing my double stroller around the block on a picturesque fall morning and walking her to school.  That's how it'll be, right?  Picturesque?

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...Speaking of double strollers, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't super nervous about transitioning from one to two kiddos.  It's not even my least-favorite newborn phase I'm worried about.  It's the idea of going back to work, Charlotte starting pre-school, getting out of the house, and juggling multiple drop-offs/pick-ups that terrifies me.  Working moms, help me!  Tell me how you do it!

If we were sharing a chestnut praline latte today...I'd tell you about our little weekend getaway to a resort a few hours away for some indoor waterpark fun.  Or, if you're Charlotte, torture.  For a kid who hasn't been in a pool in six months and seriously HATES water splashing in her face, this was not our finest parenting moment.  It was nice to get away and out of the house, but I admit I was annoyed and frustrated by her fear and refusal to happily participate in our plans.  I have found that joys and frustrations found in parenting come heavily from our expectations for our kids...chalk this one up to a parenting fail, because I know in Charlotte's book, it was a great weekend.  She splashed in kiddie pools, took giant bubble baths, and watched movies in the car-- what more could a kid want?

It was so nice sharing these mundane little life events with you!  These days, this is what life is like...and I wouldn't trade it for anything!  But R emember when I used to blog about vacationing in Italy...?  We're nestled tonight, waiting for seven inches of snow coming tomorrow-- happy snow day!!

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