Just a Lil' Update...

Monday, January 26, 2015

I'm finally doing it!  I'm going to write blog!  At least ten times over the last month, I've been sitting around on my arse and I think, "Maybe I should blog!"  Followed by...starting a new episode of Call the Midwife.

I put everything on hold back in November/December-- blogging, Etsy-ing, Facebooking.... If you follow me on Insta {that's right, I'm too cool for two syllable words}, you might have an inkling of what's going on our world, but if you follow this blog at all, you perhaps think I was kidnapped.

Fear not, I am safe and comfy in my semi-warm house.  I just needed a break.  I wasn't shy about sharing what a long year it had been, and last I left you, praise Jesus, Tyler had just wrapped a successful 14 month political campaign and was coming HOME!!!

But what I didn't share was that we'd found out we were pregnant about two weeks before that.  At that point, I still felt fine, but I barely survived the next two months of the first trimester {also known as narcolepsy}.

As soon as the election wrapped, I worked my rear off making and selling Barefoot Decor items for a big holiday show that month.

The day before the big holiday show, we found out we were moving.  In 30 days.  {Tread lightly if your wife casually says, "Oh, let's just go look at that cute house!"}

Two weeks after the big holiday show, we drove ten hours to Kentucky to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family and throw my Dad a belated 60th birthday party.

Two weeks after that we moved.  Just houses, a mere mile from our old row house.  {Still a huge pain in the butt.}

A week after that, we flew to Nebraska for Christmas.

Four days after that, we flew to Atlanta for Christmas.

Four days after that, we flew home.

All while battling the most ridiculous fatigue that I did NOT experience with Charlotte {at least on that level}, constant hunger or nausea, and just a bad mood.

Let's just say, I had very little Christmas spirit this year.  Happy tears were shed on December 31st-- I'd never been ready for a year to be over!

And now, here we sit.  We are settling into our house, that we really think we're going to love for the next few years.  Our sweet, soon-to-be big sister Charlotte turned two this weekend and we had a low key celebration with my parents and a few dear friends.  We have very little on our docket the next few months, save for a few local field trips and opportunities to soak in life as three before things get crazy again this summer.

I hope to share a snapshot of what life is really like these days, share a few pictures from Charlotte's party, and share a few of my favorite winter essentials.  I might keep Etsy on the back burner for a bit and slowly re-acclimate myself into life doing too many things!  But if there's ever a product you're interested, feel free to reach out.

And if you're reading this, well God bless you for sticking around...  How are you doing?

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