Happy Election Week

Friday, November 07, 2014

It's been a great big, happy, long week around here folks!  I took the week off of work, so I'm a little foggy about what day it is, but I write to you from an AIRPLANE.  Yes, an airplane!

Not a novelty because of the glory of wifi, but for the fact I have a computer in my lap. With only MY fingers pushing buttons.  Because my toddler is an amazing 8 feet away from me, across the aisle, buckled into her car seat, governed by her father.  Novelty #2-- I'm not flying alone!

We're on our way home as a family of three!  A year of living apart meant a lot of checked bags home but we managed well and we're halfway home...somewhere over Kentucky {I'm just making that up-- don't check my flight path}.

Charlotte and I flew out last Friday so that Tyler didn't have to miss out on trick-or-treating fun.  Even though it wasn't Charlotte's first Halloween, it felt like it because this was the first year we could really participate with full costumes and buckets and "trick-or-treeeats!"  {Okay, her version is a jumbled mix of t's and k's...but she nails her "please" and "thank yous!"}

We trick-or-treated in Lincoln with our friends Shelly & Jeremiah, and their two cuties, Oscar and Orla.  Their neighborhood was perfect-- sidewalks, no traffic, and tons of kids everywhere.  It took Charlotte awhile to warm up, she really just wanted to sit in the wagon, but she eventually got the hang of it and squealed every time she saw a "PUNKIN!"  Which was every six feet....  The only downside was the 35 degree temperature after dark!!  It was freezing. {Almost}

Saturday, I begrudgingly accompanied Tyler to the Nebraska-Perdue game, annoyed that I would miss Georgia's domination over Florida but it actually turned out to be a saving grace...though I streamed it on my phone much of the game, I didn't have to suffer the misery of watching that loss in person.

Sunday, we laid low, and Monday, Charlotte and I were on our own while Tyler was on campaign duty.  With the Holiday Expo coming up,  I couldn't let a week of traveling stop me from working on my Christmas inventory, so I borrowed a sewing machine from Shelly and managed to make 20 dishtowels and 30 pillows-- time zone change + Daylight Savings + Charlotte's allergies were my saving grace...she has been rocking the three hour nap.

Tuesday was a somewhat busier day packing up for election night.  Even though the victory party was in Lincoln, we grabbed a hotel across from the venue to make it easier to go back and forth.  Tyler's parents joined us and we had dinner before getting ready for the festivities.

Election Night was fun but to paint a real picture of the night, everyone I knew there was busy working so Miss Introverted spent the night trying to look busy and not do anything too awkward.  Charlotte helps with this, but it never feels quite as posh as the pictures might make it seem...  The race wasn't close, so they announced the winner early and the candidate gave his speech early...none of which I heard because it was 9:00 and my one year old was acting like one year olds act at 9:00.  So we were in the hallway running around.  But there were lots of words and cheering and sign waving.  The rest of the evening was spent mingling with friends, texting friends and family, and watching the other election results come in.  Much different than two years ago when I was seven months pregnant and got a stomach bug in the middle of the victory party!  Charlotte was a super trooper and stayed up with us until 11:00...a small miracle for my little sleeper.

While we were on the winning side of the night, we've all been on the losing side of things and know what it feels like, so I am careful in how I choose my words.  While I am eager to see what is to come, I am hopeful that our leaders can work together and pass legislation that is not so contentious so our country can experience some stability and unity.

We have the unique experience of being heavily involved in the political scene living in Washington, DC, and it provides us a different perspective from many others across the country.  I am disheartened to see people's reactions when results don't go their way-- not because of the their disappointment but because of the ugly way they react.  Our experience is that Washington is much less polarized than the rest of the country, at least in how we treat and speak to our "opponents" because we understand passionately working toward and dedicating yourself to a cause, even if it's not one we personally support.  We have received the most sincere and gracious support and congratulations from our friends across the aisle...this is my hat tip to the generous and hard working friends we have across the aisle who handle election results better than a lot of other people I know!

Politics aside, I am looking forward to what lies ahead for our family!  Ready for some time together again as three...

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