Fall, Fall, Fall…Fally Fall Fall

Thursday, October 09, 2014

Last Saturday was one of my favorite days of Fall—Art on the Avenue, a huge art festival that shuts down the main street of our neighborhood.  The weather is always perfect, the food is great, and the vendors are plentiful.  From baby clothes to five hundred dollar paintings to weird trinkets appealing to very specific tastes…you can find it at Art on the Avenue.

So I eagerly made pumpkin pancakes and packed Charlotte away in our Kelty carrier.  I wanted to avoid a stroller and the festival is only a short walk from our house, but it was a little risky taking her in this by myself.  I feared Suzy-Miss-I-have-a-lot-of-ever-changing-opinions over here would freak out and refuse to be carried in the sea of thousands of people, leaving to wrangle a screaming baby octopus…

image1{Who knew someone this cute could drive me so bananas?}


But she did great!  She lasted for two hours and allowed several trips up and down the Avenue.  We had a great morning—the weather was crisp and I came home with a few cool prints I have yet to frame.


And of course I got the pumpkin bug and had to come home and get everything decorated… Fall kind of threw up on our front steps and I’m very okay with that!






I couldn’t forget the inside either.  In our house, decorating for Fall pretty much means putting fake stuff everywhere.


Like fake gourds in the window sills…


…and fake pumpkins on tables…



Fake gourds and fake leaves on fake mantles.  {One day, I will have a fireplace…}


And more fake leav

image15image16Nothing says Fall like old books and pumpkins!

Mmmm…I’ve been burning my pumpkin candles all week, the fridge is stocked with pumpkin beer, and I’ve had chili twice this week.  I am fully embracing it…white girl loving Fall up here in the Mid-Atlantic!

Happy Fall Y'all_2014Happy Fall y’all!

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