Nine on 9/9

Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Exactly no signs are pointing to this actually getting posted on 9/9, but if I weren’t working on a five year old laptop that my one year old has pulled 33.333% of the keys off of, I might be more efficient… But here goes, just a few randoms.  Or nine, to be exact.

1. All hail the return of the PSL!  Although, I find myself doing only two pumps and considering going down to two.  Am I the only one that finds them too thick and sweet?  What’s happening to meeeee?

photo2. I’m not traveling this month!!  After what felt like an endless amount of packing and unpacking our suitcases this summer, we are staying put this month!  It feels so nice to enjoy lazy Saturday mornings of coffee and pancakes…especially now that football is back on.

image_1 (2)3. Etsy!  I am sufficiently busy right now…enough to give me a little something to do without totally overwhelming me. I am working a big holiday expo in November, so check back in a few weeks and see how I feel…  As always, I really appreciate your business and support!

image (2)4. Charlotte has been sick  I swear, she never had so much as a fever her first year and in the last six months, she’s gotten Hand, Foot & Mouth {Godhelpme}, two or three stomach bugs, a few fevers, and just last week, some weird rash that kept her inside for six days… We missed church all summer because we were either out of town, or Charlotte was sick.

5. I am LOVING the FitBit I received for my birthday last month.  I am only slightly obsessed with checking my steps and may or may not be occasionally spotted doing jumping jacks at 11:45 to meet my goal…

6. I am sitting here eating dinner and watching Extreme Weight Loss {#ironic}…and a blubbering mess.  I swear, I’m not pregnant but I am a mess these days.  Any story about somebody working hard and achieving lifelong goals and I’m beside myself. Anybody else see that piece on Game Day about the walk-on football players?  I am doomed was my kids start dreaming dreams…

7. {And now I am sucked into Shark Tank…this is why I never go to bed on time…}

8. I don’t know how I saved this for number eight, but y’all…I am fulfilling a lifelong, childhood dream of seeing Amy Grant, THE Amy Grant, in concert this week.  I LOVED her as a kid, had every tape, bought piano books of her music that were too hard for me to play, and flipped to hymn #601 every Sunday because I thought it was so cool there was an Amy Grant song in our church hymnal… Well, anyway, my Mom sent me concert tickets for my birthday and I’m painting the town with my friend Amanda…because that’s what cool girls do when their husbands are out of town.

9.  You didn’t think I would make two references to college football and not mention my Bulldawgs did you??  I am so insanely optimistic about this team this season that it scares the bejeeezus outta me.  I have frozen my heart over the years, but I feel really, really good about this season.  I mean, y’all saw Todd Gurley right??  Go Dawgs!!

Happy Tuesday!

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