So That Happened…

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

A funny thing happened a few weeks ago while we were at the beach.  Tyler, reading his phone, told me to check my phone. “There’s a TV producer trying to reach you.”

But of course.  And Oprah’s on hold.

I gave him the side eye and grabbed my phone to find that beckoning red bubble over my email.  I had three emails waiting for me—two from a friend and one from a name I didn’t recognize.  As it turned out, the name I didn’t recognize was indeed a producer for the XYZ Network, and the other two emails were my friend Shelly telling me, “Heads up—you’re going to get an email from a TV producer!”  I read everything quickly and out of order and was…confused.

Apparently, a friend of a friend {Hi Erin!} passed this blog on to the producer.  I thought for sure there was no way this would go any further once they read my D-list blog.  I was ready to brush it off until I realized the producer had emailed me through my blog. “What? They saw this and still contacted me??”  I was still confused and didn’t know what the show was or what this was about, so I re-read everything.

“…looking for people in the DC/Northern VA area….20-40s…attractive…modern, updated homes…”  She asked for pictures of our house and our family.
I was flattered, for sure, but certain our little rental with my painted curtains and contact paper walls wouldn’t pass muster.  “DC” and “20-40” was the only thing I was sure I qualified for.  I thanked her for the opportunity and let her know I’d send pictures when we were back from vacation.

So, as soon as I was home, I cleaned my house top to bottom and took pictures of every room in the house… And by cleaned, I mean I pushed a mess of suitcases around the house, out of view of the camera.

006{In real life, there is a mountain of coloring books right there in this corner.. ^^}

Off I sent the pictures, doubting every decorating decision I’ve ever made, fully expecting a, “We’ll get back to you” reply.  I was content to think, “One day I’ll tell my grandkids how I emailed with a TV producer….”
But, long story short, IT’S HAPPENING!!
I’m still not totally sure what is happening, but a film crew is arriving NEXT MONDAY to shoot products in my house.

Next Monday.

Film crew.

We get free lunch and everything.

So here we go!  I recruited Tyler, my bipolar toddler, and my neighbor Amanda {the awesome one who takes my kid at a moment’s notice and doesn’t ask questions when I text her and say, “Hey, wanna be on TV with me??”} to be a part of it too.  Coming to a TV set near you!

{My expectations are so low and reasonable, I can’t even tell you.  But, you know…I’m still daydreaming about how I’m going to charm the pants off them and get my own TV show.  Ha!}

I can’t wait to tell you all about it!

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