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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

So I shared in my last post about a TV network reaching out to film in our house.  The radio silence that followed was the sound of me going crazy cleaning my house, rearranging, re-decorating, PAINTING, and generally over-thinking every corner of the house.
This little event, though tiresome, was the kick in the pants we needed to finally finish up little projects around the house.  There have been these dead, gross bushes in the front yard that didn’t come back after winter that we finally dug up.  I’ve been meaning to hang some lanterns in the basement.  I’ve hated the tabletop arrangement in the living room.  You know, all those little things that you need to host a party for to finally do something about.
photo 1
So, knowing full well I was going overboard, I spent all of last weekend making trips to HomeGoods, World Market, and Home Depot.  I bought new pillows, decorative knicknacks, fresh flowers.  I found myself replacing frame mats for pictures in the laundry room and buying a new, cute basket to sit atop the dryer, thinking “WHY am I wasting all this time and money finishing the laundry room??”
But I can’t help myself and you know, there’s a film crew coming tomorrow!!
So, after going to bed at 2am, we were all up at 7 to be ready for the crew, who arrived promptly at 9.  “The crew” consisted of a producer, camera man, and two production assistants.  They immediately dropped off their bags and started setting up lights and computers, while I gave Julie, the producer, a quick tour of the house and she said…I quote…“Wow.”
A TV producer said, “Wow.” 
I was done.  I can die a happy woman.
image_3{See that little framed calendar on the wall? It took a film crew coming to get me to finally change it from March of 2013.}
And then she announced they were going to shoot in every room of the house, even the laundry room.  For the first time in my entire life, I did NOT go overboard preparing my house for something.  In fact, every last decorative item, every fresh flower arrangement, were all used on camera.  This was extremely validating.  Adios receipts!
image_1{Pitcher from Target, $14, sunflowers from Trader Joe’s $4.  Why don’t I always have fresh sunflowers in my house for $4??}
The products were shot individually, so we went through the same process three times throughout the day.  First, they shot the product around the house sitting in different spots, which took about an hour.  Lots of lighting adjustments and shots from different angles.  Then, they filmed us holding and using the products, took another hour.  And the last step was being interviewed about the product.
image_4{Product shots for a portable cell phone charger.}
image_7{Charlotte helping, taking some serious production notes in her pajamas.}
They said lots of TV things like, “Where’s my call sheet?” and “You’re in my light.”  I just stood to the side and tried to sneak cell phone pictures, acting like this was all totally normal.
image{I even bought movie star water for the talent only.}
The portable cell phone charger was Tyler’s to film.  The producer sat there and called out directions, “Okay, now wrap up the wire.  Now pass it to your other hand.  Now spin it around.”  A lot of this footage included close ups of our hands, so I’m extremely grateful my friend recommended we get manicures beforehand.  Good call, Amanda!
image_14{Husband getting make-up before his interview to get rid of his “shine.”}
The product I filmed was a set of plastic snaps, like the ones on clothing.  Very random, but I do use snaps a lot on the bibs and paci clips I make, so I truly appreciated how easy they were to apply {no hammers or positioners or grommets} and how well they stayed on.  We did have to be a little creative in the filming…there’s just not a lot to do with snaps.
image_15{“Okay, snap them. Now unsnap them. Okay, try not to use your left hand, it’s getting in the way.  Snap them.  Unsnap them. Smile!”}
Charlotte managed to take a nice 2.5 hour nap amid the commotion, which is good because she made it on camera to film us working with the baby bibs.
photo 3
I recruited my neighbor Amanda for the last product…wait for it…a door stopper!  Fancy and innovative, right? World changing.  We got to keep as many as we wanted.  I’m thinking monogrammed door stoppers.  It’s going to sweep the nation, I’m sure of it.
image_21{See that lantern I finally hung??}
I was keeping Charlotte occupied by the time Amanda was being interview—I have no idea what kind of testimonial she gave for a door stopper!
So, the products were kind of random and there were no projects or renovations, which I think a lot of people were expecting, but it was a fun experience!  It was interesting to see the time that went into what will ultimately be a very small segment of a show—I can’t imagine what goes into full renovation shows!  The air dates for the next season are TBD...I'll let you know!
Until then, I’ll just be waiting on my fame and fortune.  It’s too bad we just missed the Emmy nominations… I have “Best Baby Bib Snap Presenter” written all over me.
Next year.  Next year.

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