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Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dear Charlotte,

We parents have a lot to worry about, but one fear that frequently comes to mind is this...

You won't know how much I like you.

Yes, I love you because I'm programmed's in my DNA, but this is more than maternal instinct.  I genuinely enjoy your company and {almost} every minute we share together.

In the years to come, the added siblings, increasing demands of school and soccer practice and appointments... In the years of hormones and boys and famously tumultuous relationship between mothers and daughters... I'm afraid that you won't know that I delight in you.

Last week, we sat on the floor in our pajamas, in front of the open front door {because you are like a guard dog when that thing is open}, and we both belly laughed for ten minutes while I bounced a ball off of your head.  It was so much fun, but a piece of me was sad to think you'll never remember it.

So one day, when it's all eye rolling and pushing boundaries and asking if you can stay away from home later and later, please know that opening the door to your room every morning to your huge smile and crazy hair is the best part of my day.  Every time we get home, we walk hand in hand up the front sidewalk.  When I pick you up from the nursery or baby-sitter, you toddler sprint across the room with the world's biggest grin and outstretched arms.  You laugh so hard you snort when I kiss your neck.

There will surely be harder days between us, but I want you to know that today and tomorrow and the day after are my delight, sweet girl.  It is my joy and my privilege and my blessing that I get to be your mama.

Mommy {or Mi-mi...or Ma-Ma...}

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