Hellooo? Anybody There?

Friday, May 09, 2014

Well this place is a little dusty huh?  I really didn’t mean to up and disappear like that but the more time slipped away, the more overwhelming the idea of catching up became.  I even took a month off of work and went to Savannah {long story} and I thought, “Oh, I’ll just sit around and blog and sew all day!”  Didn’t happen…here I am.  Two months later.  I must have at least six half-finished drafts that I attempted along the way.

Last I left you, Charlotte was becoming a crazy toddler and my husband was traveling non-stop and now here we are...still with a crazy toddler and a traveling husband.  But a lot has happened!  I’m just going to recap what day to day life is like right now, and maaaaybe one day I’ll catch up on all of those drafts.

{Let’s be honest—that is highly unlikely to happen.}

Well, I’m still married, I think, though I’m a little vague on what my husband actually looks like.  Back in the fall, he was away traveling during the week and flying home on the weekends, but after Charlotte’s birthday things just got crazy for him.  I think he’s been home twice since January, we flew there once, and we met in Atlanta for Easter.  And last I left you, I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and resentful… It would take a good 12 hours together before I was actually happy to see him…instead of just mad.

But something happened along the way, and Charlotte and I developed a really good routine, and life has been much, much easier!  Don’t get me wrong, there are days where I.just.want.to.go.Target.by.myself!!  And I would be lying to you if I said I’d never dry shampoo’d my one year old’s head.  But day to day, we just figured things out—and by that, I mean I became much more organized:  I order my groceries online.  Gym bags, diaper bags, and lunches are packed the night before.  Sippy cups are all poured for the next day, coffee pot is set.  Charlotte’s clothes are laid out before she goes to bed.  We do baths on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays {judge away you daily bath givers!}.  I walk or run with Charlotte, or do Stroller Strides Friday through Monday; Tuesdays through Thursdays I go to the gym after work {puh-raise Jesus for Kids Club at Gold’s Gym}.  We do 9:00 church because it works better for naps and I have more time for the rest of the day. 

It’s just the little things {that only took me six months to learn} that have gotten us into a nice rhythm and allowed me to feel like I’m really juggling everything instead of just dropping a bunch of balls all the time.  Weekends—being home alone all day for four days straight—used to KILL me, I would be SO mad at Tyler, but now I look forward it!  My introverted, hermit crab self has reclaimed the single bonuses of uninterrupted days free of commitments and long nights of whatever movie I want.  I haven’t watched a single episode of Pawn Stars since October!  And God bless my neighbor Amanda who always has us over for dinner, or knocks on our door to invites us to the park {except Lord help us all when it’s time to leave the swings…}.

We miss Tyler and we are so proud of his hard work, and I hate everything he has missed with Charlotte, but overall life has been good and blessed and fun and not nearly as hard or overwhelming as it was a few months ago.  I have really learned to cherish my one-on-one time with “Lala” {as cousin Gracie calls her}, and despite her incredible ability to throw fits, I think she really loves me back…

That said, this never-ending election is over on Tuesday and we will be reunited as a family of three…hopefully at a victory party!

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