A Little Foggy

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Okay, so I officially decided finishing all of those half-finished blogs ain’t never gonna happen.  But my future 2050 self is never going to remember what happened in March and April of 2014 {I literally sat there for a good ten seconds before I could decide what year it is}, so I wanted to at least hit a few milestones…

Here are a few of the bright spots of this spring:

We upgraded Charlotte from her bucket car seat to full size thingamajig.  I thought she would be in heaven in this toddler Lazy Boy, but she really just loves the cupholder as a means to stash half-chewed food and hair bows.  She is still rear facing.

 We got eight inches of snow here on St. Patrick’s Day.  I love snow, but I’m not sure I love it in March.  I still gave it my best though, and we ate pancakes and played in the winter wonderland {which Charlotte has now decided she loves}.  I even tried to dye the snow green, but my efforts were futile.

 We spent four weeks in April in Savannah avoiding all other life obligations, like working and grocery shopping.  We went to the beach with friends, went on the boat with my brother & his family, I baby-sat my niece, I had lunch with my sister.  I hit the gym with my friend Lauren.  I shopped with my mom.  We took long walks along my childhood streets.  It was splendid.

We got the stomach flu sometime in March.  It was not splendid.  I spent roughly 24 hours on death’s door, letting my kid do pretty much whatever she wanted, save poisoning herself.  I thought we were in the clear until Charlotte, who’s never had so much as a fever, started puking her guts out in the middle of the check-out line at Target.  Is that when you’re officially a mom?  When try to catch throw up in your hand?  Or when you stand in public dripping vomit with a dozen strangers staring at you? The next 24 hours were quite pitiful, but I got my best snuggles to date.  She literally spooned with me all night.

Annalise makes three!  My sister had her third baby girl last month and we were all sure it was going to be a boy.  She is tiny and cute and a pretty good blend of her big sisters, Halley & Gracie.  It was so nice to spend some extra time in Atlanta with them and help my sister with the girls.

Easter!  We had a great trip to Atlanta—we worshiped at church with my grandparents and we had a fun lunch at my aunt’s house with everyone afterward—a family affair at her house never disappoints.  Charlotte experienced her first egg hunt; she’s a little more into picking up rocks at this point, but we’re working on it

 I found out toddlers indeed know how to open mascara.

My sister-in-law Kara and her whole family came and stayed with us for a week!  All five of them drove from Arkansas to Blacksburg for an event at Virginia Tech, and then continued on up here.  They saved me a weeks worth of baby-sitting, Kara and I squeezed in a girls night out, and we enjoyed lots of chaotic meals out around town with four kids.  And their minivan only got towed once!Winking smile

After almost a month off of work, I was sincerely excited to return a few weeks ago.  A year ago, I would have laughed {or cried} in your face if you'd told me I would be dying to get back to the office but I honestly work for and with some of the greatest people.  Not to mention, the cutest kids in the DMV.

That hits most of the high marks!  There were so many details in the in between, but I don't think you want to hear about Charlotte's molars or my desperate need for new running shoes...

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