Charlotte Turned ONE!

Friday, February 07, 2014

We had so much fun recently celebrating Charlotte’s 365th day on this earth!  We were in Atlanta with a mix of family and friends who helped us properly mark the occasion and indulge us while we paraded our cute kid around.  I really didn't want to make a big deal of it-- one reason we stuck with a family only shindig-- but of course, we to do something.  Something cute.  And something with good food.  And balloons...yes, balloons...
The day started properly with pink pancakes and sprinkles!

After THREE grown-up sized pancakes, she went into a little pink pancake coma…

We followed it up with a turquoise bath—cousin Halley taught Charlotte the right combo of colored bath tablets to drop in for the perfect shade of blue-green.

After that, she took a nice long nap in preparation for the day’s events while I headed to my aunt’s house to start setting up.

I really didn’t feel like I did much, but by the time I joined forces with my mom, aunt, and grandmother, we had a full blown party on our hands!

I took full advantage of fruit bowls, veggie trays, and dips from Costco, and made sandwhiches.  Mom did flowers, my grandmother ordered the beautiful cake, my aunt did balloons and cupcakes and let us all invade her beautiful house… Birthday parties are easy when you can delegate to women with great taste.

I loved designing Charlotte’s birthday chalkboard—I made it on Photoshop, printed it a Kinkos, and glued it to some foam core.  Definitely the right decision, after thirty minutes of trying to draw it out by hand, only to realize I’d spelled her NAME wrong.  Womp womp.

Because it’s not a birthday party without cake dip…
Uncle Charles, a new daddy to a daughter, sat down with Halley for lunch, which is apparently the worst kind of 4-year old torture…

After lunch we opened presents which was almost more fun than the cake smashing because she was so into it.  I think ripping paper is her love language.

Appropriately loving her first Bulldawg! {Yes, you capitalize Bulldawg.}

Cake time!

You never know how a kid is going to respond with twenty pairs of eyes on them, all singing to you for the first time ever but apparently she’s okay with the whole center of attention thing.

{NOT her mother’s daughter.}

She was slow to get started…very delicately peeling off the polka dots, but she eventually got into the birthday spirit.  You can see her in full smashing mode in that bottom left picture!  She was not quite sure what to do with all of that sticky icing and kept trying to shake it off her fingers—she eventually figured out it was just as tasty as it was fun.

I didn’t want to go overboard with the whole party thing since she’s so little, but it truly was so fun to put together her first birthday party and watch her open presents and play with the cake, and do all of those little things we’ve spent so much time looking forward to… We’re so blessed to have shared the day with friends and family that love her like we do and helped us properly celebrate!  And we look forward to celebrating more with our family in Nebraska soon!  I’m sure Charlotte will have this cake smashing thing down by then…

Until then, we say, “Dear Jesus, thank you for a year with Charlotte…”

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