Christmas Recap

Monday, December 30, 2013

How is it already January 8th??  Christmas was, like, yesterday-- I still have presents sitting in opened boxes, yet to be put away.  I finally went back to work this week, so I feel like I'm just getting my brain on straight.

{In case you're confused, I'm pulling a fast one on the ol' Blogger and back dating this.  So one day, when I finally print all these off in a pretty little bound book, they will be in chronological order.  My grandkids will think I'm SO organized.  HA.}

All that to say, I've just gotten around to scrolling through our Christmas pictures, so here they are!  Charlotte's first Christmas with us...


Before we hit the road, we wanted to open the gifts Grandma and Grandpa Grassmeyer mailed from Nebraska {i.e. we didn't want to pack presents...}.  So we Skyped them on the laptop and they were able to participate almost as if they were here— it worked so well!  We're a 21st century family.

IMG_6823They were able to see her face when she opened her very first baby doll!  It is a Cabbage Patch doll that is coincidently named "Charlie."  Charlotte was starting to get "baby" down, but this sent her over the edge.  EVERYTHING is "baby" now.  And the child who has never played with a single toy for more than ten minutes dutifully carries this doll around everywhere.  No prompting.  Just carrying it around in a headlock.  I die.

Sunday was a mostly uneventful drive to Savannah.  We were SO eager to meet our newest niece, Foster, but she needed a few extra days in the hospital to get better adjusted to this great big world.  So we waited until Monday to meet her-- her exhausted parents {my brother and sister in law}, were rockstars to let us invade their house to meet her.


I can’t even believe Charlotte used to be so small.  And it was so cool watching my brother be a daddy… They are great parents already—she is one lucky Foster.

Christmas Eve was great.  We let Charlotte sit with us in church for the first time since she was teeny tiny.  It was so precious to have her with us while we were singing Christmas carols-- it was one of those moments I'd always looked forward to in having babies and now it was happening.  I was careful to take it in and breathe in prayers of gratitude.  We really are so blessed.


{And then the sermon started and Tyler bolted with her to the lobby.}

The rest of the night we ate good food and soup in our Christmas jammies and wrapped presents and watched movies.  I couldn't even handle this kid's cuteness in her reindeer jams.

Christmas morning we went to wake Charlotte up, who was clueless to the day, obviously.  But if this kid isn't the happiest kid on the block every morning....
“Get me outta this thing!!”
It was also her 11 month birthday.  I can't handle this kid in the mornings.
Behind the scenes: taking pictures with an 11 month old.
Doesn't matter if you only get your kid three things for Christmas...everyone else will ensure your kid is spoiled rotten.  She’s getting diapers for her birthday.

My brother David, the Arizona dweller, asked for a "western" shirt for Christmas.  So we trolled all of Savannah, Georgia looking for a "western shirt" and found this ridiculous piece of fabric at Macy's.  It was $100.  A HUNDRED dollars.  Clearly, it was joke and we kept the receipt.  But his face was worth it.  {I think, right Mom?  I didn't put up any money toward that...}

“Jesus gave me abs for Christmas!!”

Foster slept through the whole thing.  If I'd had a kid that small at Christmas, I would have curled up with her under a lit Christmas tree and stayed there until Valentine's Day.

Cammie and Charlotte{Bonding with Aunt Cammie}

That afternoon, we hit the road for Atlanta.  We spend Christmas night with Rick, my step-dad's family-- it's the only time of year we see most of them and we really enjoy it.  Charlotte dragged us down though and we had to leave before the White Elephant gift exchange and this...
....the annual, let's try to kill each other with fireworks game.
The 26th is our family Christmas with all of the grandparents, aunt, uncles, cousin, etc...  It used to be a mild mannered affair until everybody had kids and it turned into total chaos.  Great chaos though!
My aunt bought these sweet smocked outfits for all of the cousins and I’m not positive, but I’m pretty sure she had a better picture in mind…



We switched up the family game this year—our usual White Elephant was becoming…less funny and more predictable in years past.  So we played something called The Name Game this year.  I think everyone had more fun than it looks like…
IMG_6927Two Woodwards

The rest of the weekend involved me getting Tuberculosis, a double date with Becky & Randy {three dollar margaritas + Saving Mr. Banks}, a visit with my friend Christie {we've seen each other twice in three months—we're on a roll!}, an aggressive game of Clue, and salt dough ornament making with Halley Jane, my surrogate first born.




Of course, I dropped Charlotte's and it smashed into a million pieces...and the rest looked like burnt pretzels.  But I got a precious memory.

It was such a fun first Christmas… Having kids just changes everything!  I didn’t need a single thing this year.  I was so thankful to just be together as a family and revel in Charlotte’s joy.  We have so much to look forward to in the years to come—it truly keeps getting better.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”  Romans 15:13

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