‘Tis the Season

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It’s no secret around here that I love Christmas.  This time last year, I was eight months pregnant.  We had just moved to a new house and I was franticly trying to home-ify this place, while also getting ready for a new baby.  I tried to imagine what the next Christmas would look like with an eleven month old and I couldn’t even wrap my brain around it.  I figured the joy of the season would be multiplied but I also worried I would be too overwhelmed to enjoy it like I have in years past.  Would I even be able to decorate this baby-proofed place?

Well, I’m happy to report the joy IS multiplied and so far, I’m not overwhelmed {well, not any more than usual}, and our house IS decorated!

She’s too young to appreciate any of it but just sitting and giving her a bottle by the light of the Christmas tree, or holding her while we sing Christmas hymns in church, is almost too much for my heart to handle.  I’ll be a blubbering mess once she’s old enough help me hang ornaments and set up the Nativity scene and snuggle up to watch movies and bake cookies and tell me the Christmas story… There’s no room to be sad that she’s getting bigger because there is just too much joy that awaits us still.

So here a few pictures of the memories we’ve already captured from Charlotte’s first Christmas.

Finding the tree…




Our tradition is to buy our tree the weekend {or the day, if I’m lucky} after Thanksgiving.  We go to the same little mom & pop lot every year.

Trimming the tree…


So she’s still too young for this part.  This little spider monkey was exiled to the pack-n-play while Tyler and I strung the lights… She was much less interested in the glowing bulbs than I anticipated.

Admiring the tree…


We decorated the rest after bedtime and were so excited to see her face the next morning.  She still, surprisingly, hasn’t been all that interested in it.

Charlotte’s first snow…

Technically, her first snow fell on the day she was born but this was the first real one all year.  She stood at the door and watched Tyler shovel the front walk…


We used the wet weather as an excuse to go see Santa.  We figured most people would stay home and the lines would be short…and we were right!

Meeting Santa…

My sweet aunt sent Charlotte this dress and I was so excited for her to wear it, I didn’t even iron it…

IMG_6654Ready to go, all smiles!

IMG_6670[1]Really ready to go…IMG_6672[1]Checked the big guy out…IMG_6671[1]Held it together, but no major love.

First Christmas jammies…

IMG_6642{It’s the best picture I could get…but thank you Gigi!}

It’s such a short season—I am trying to soak in every second, every Hallmark movie {my favorite so far is “A Very Merry Mix-Up”}, every carol, every card, every sermon…  We have intentionally tried to cut back on social obligations and gift buying to simplify this typically stressful season.  And there is still chaos and busyness, but the sweetness of this season has just been multiplied ten fold.

Charlotte has taught us what it truly means to delight in someone, to love so much you would lay at all down.  The gospel has been made alive in a new way this year—the unconditional love of our Father is right in front of our face and made new every morning. Of all things I wait for with eager expectation, I am most excited for my daughter to hear the love story of a King coming to save the world in the form a tiny baby…

I hope you are all treasuring this season… Merry Christmas!

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