Our new normal…for now

Thursday, December 05, 2013

I think I mentioned on here awhile back that Tyler was starting a new job running a Senate campaign…out of state.  Well, we’re two months in and…I’m tired.  The days I work are the hardest because the days are LONG.

We’re still working on a set schedule, but Tyler is generally home for long weekends.  The holidays have mixed things up a little, I traveled out there one weekend, we were there for a week over Thanksgiving, etc… And there was a two week stretch he was gone and I was crying into my sushi by Sunday, about to lose my MIND.  Charlotte is just SO busy.  I love her but she is into everything. And I feel like I am always rushing…and by the time I’m home from work at 5:30, I am so tired and just need five minutes to sit.  But Charlotte is eager to see me and pulling on my leg and Etsy is keeping me very busy, and the garbage needs to go out, and dang it if there isn’t ALWAYS A LIGHT BULB OUT somewhere…so there’s just always something.

I am tired and simply need a break.

But we’re working on finding a balance, which I sense will take awhile.  I’m under no illusion that Tyler is on vacation while he’s away, but I SO need a break when he’s home, which means he leaves one pile of work for another.  And I get irritated when he’s home and on his email, but he literally gets, like, 400 REAL emails a day… The end result is that we both feel a little like we’re drowning… which sucks, honestly.

I keep thinking, “Just get to next November” {which already seems a LONG way away} and then I remember that if we get to next November {he needs to win the Primary in May}, that means setting up a Congressional office…and we just lived that mess this year.  And it makes me tired and defeated.

Poor Tyler is the one actually doing the work.  But I’m also here being a mom, and making sure the house doesn’t fall apart, and working, and trying to run a small business off of my dining room table and it can all start to feel overwhelming. 

Sorry this is a bummer, but…it’s just the reality of our life right now.  This is a tough stretch, friends!  I didn’t want to gloss over it in my infrequent blogging.  It is what it is, and one day it won’t be!  So in the mean time I’m clinging to Jesus and my coffee mug and my friend Cora {who watches Charlotte and is a GODSEND…

I’m not under any illusion though—I know in the grand scheme of things, this is all peanuts.  There are so many bigger issues in this world.  So here’s the sunny side… We’re both committed to this job and to each other, we made this decision together—one day this will all be a “remember when.”  Growth and experience comes from challenge, and hey, we both have jobs!  At the end of the day, we’re sustained by our faith and our friends and our family… This too shall pass and we’ll all be under one roof again.

In the mean time, I’ll be over here sewing a bib to a wine glass or something. Winking smile

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