Christmas Tour of Homes

Thursday, December 19, 2013

I was seriously debating participating in this year’s tour… Though it’s one of my favorite blogs of the year and I LOVE seeing everyone else’s homes, I felt like my house just wasn’t worthy this year.  I haven’t done anything new and my tree has looked exactly the same for the last three years, so I felt like I was just re-writing the same blog…

And then I checked in with The Nester to see exactly when the tour was this year, and I read her blog.  And she totally got me.

I don’t have a house reno to blame {that would be way more fun!}, but I have a busy baby and a busy husband and I’m just happy the house got decorated!  So, it’s not perfect and certainly won’t be in next year’s Southern Living or BH&G, but it’s still the prettiest the house has been all year.  What a perfect reminder of what a gift this season is…

So welcome, take a look around!


Our front hallway greets you with my favorite area—the Christmas cards!  I don’t think we received a single card until Dec 10th which leads me to believe the late Thanksgiving threw everyone else off too!  Usually, I’m feeling guilty much earlier by all you organized people…



We live in a narrow row-house, so each floor is pretty..cozy.  So when I decorate for Christmas, it feels a little like Christmas threw-up.  I love it!



I do love the mix of the pinecones and the silver glass ornaments over the picture window.  I will probably keep these up for a month or two past Christmas…


Tyler almost divorced me last year after using real garland inside the house.  It was worth our marriage to just buy some pre-lit fake stuff this year. Sort of.


Charlotte doesn’t have a stocking yet… When I was growing up, we used the same stockings every year growing up that my grandmother knit for us, so I’m feeling some pressure picking one out!

DSC_0239DSC_0246 (2)DSC_0243 (2)

A patient gave me these beautiful bulbs that make the whole room smell heavenly.  I had a few girls over for a little cookie swap this week and I knew this would be the perfect centerpiece.  It was the kick in the pants I needed to finally clean off my table…  This is what happens when you run a small business out of your living room!


And of course there’s the tree…



I’ve done the same “whimsical” tree the last few years.  All green, red, and white ornaments with the exception of the ornaments we’ve collected over milestone years and on memorable trips.


Of course this is what it looks like most of the time, thanks to Little Miss Grabby Hands.

DSC_0227 (2)

I love all of the warm light at night in this cozy room…

DSC_0239 (2)

One night a season, I sleep on the sofa by the light of the tree.  I usually feel guilty leaving Tyler, but with his traveling this year, I had my pick of nights.

The rest of the house just has little touches here and there…







And that’s it!  Our little Christmas nook in this corner of the world… Muuuuuray Chri-mas!

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