Charlotte is TEN months old!

Monday, December 09, 2013

Welcome to the double digits sister!  There is so much I want to remember about you at this age—this might take awhile!

DSC_0428_b copy

Growing…Charlotte, you are SO BIG!  I’m not sure turning one will phase me because you already seem so old to me.  I have no idea how much you weigh but you are wearing 9 and 12 month clothes and finally made it into size 3 diapers.  You have so much hair now {that is starting to curl on the ends} and your third tooth is coming in on the top {though you can’t see it yet}.


Eating… You are eating table foods exclusively, in addition to four bottles—you are a little vacuum.  Anything we give you, you eat.  You especially love lunch meat and have even managed to use a fork a few times!


Your other favorite past time is to kick your feet on the footrest so hard you can hear it throughout the entire house.  We always know when you’re in your highchair.  We’re also working on introducing a sippy cup—you mostly think it’s something to just bang on the table.  Overall, you’re a great eater! I’m pretty sure I could sell tickets to watch you eat waffles…it might be the only time I think smacking it cute.

IMG_6458{Your hair is still out of control.}

Sleeping… Same old sleep schedule—two naps, 12-13 hours at night.  You must need that much sleep because you are seriously busy.  You lay your head on my shoulder when you’re sleepy, which is new this month.


Moving… You are a mover, still.  {Today, you laid across my chest while we read books and I thought you must be getting sick…} You’ve been standing for some time, but you are just getting faster and faster when you crawl.


I’m sure one day I will grow weary of it, but right now I love when you scramble over to me and climb up my leg and reach your arms up to be picked up.  I have loved you for so long—it is so nice to know that you want me back!  You have taken a few steps several times now—mostly one or two beyond the grip of the coffee table.  I’m in no hurry, but it is cute to see you try so hard.  You are very good at standing alone though, you can stand for a good 30 seconds before you sit down.


We installed baby gates this month because we just can’t keep you out of things.  I hate them but standing on the bottom step and holding on to the rails is your favorite place to be!  I think they will be here for a long time—I found you this week, standing on the drawer handle below the oven, holding on to the stove…yikes!




Playing… You have an independent streak which I appreciate.  You are content to sit and play by yourself for little stretches throughout the day.  There is a little recipe box full of blank cards and you absolutely love to open and close the box and pull out all of the cards.  Every night, after I put you to bed, I pick up this disaster zone…IMG_6321

You like peek-a-boo and try to hide your face with books.  You love to dance and automatically start to bounce whenever you hear music from a toy or the TV.  You have started clapping this month and you have turned into a climber—I was sick last week and tried to set up a safety barricade where you could play and I wouldn’t have to chase you but you got over every single thing I put in place.


You are definitely developing an opinion, little glimpses into Toddler Charlotte.  You do not like when something you want is taken away from you, or you are not allowed to grab something you want.  We have also learned this football season, you have a little sensitive streak to you…any sudden loud yelling and clapping totally freaks you out.

IMG_6502{Charlotte, the pants-less wonder…}

Talking… You are a master at Mamamama, Dadadada, and Babababa.  You mimic a lot of sounds we make {like “Hi!”}, but you correctly use “Uh-oh!”  This is mostly adorable until you throw food from your highchair and shout, “UH! OH!”  You jibber jabber all the time, very adult sounding conversation, especially when a lot of people are talking and no one is paying attention, like you’re trying to blend in.


Happy-ing… Charlotte, you really are the happiest little being I know.  Everywhere we go, you just cheese it up to anyone who will look at you.  You are quick with a laugh and easy to tickle—you love to be tossed in the air or hang upside down.


I hope you always know how proud we are to be your parents—we simply beam when folks talk to you or compliment you.  There is not a day that goes by that your dad and I don’t comment on how lucky we are that you belong to us.  Every bedtime prayer still begins with, “Dear Jesus… Thank you for another day with Charlotte.”  We are thankful for every smile, tear, and tantrum—we hope we get to keep you forever.

IMG_6298{Your first Halloween—you were a “ballerina” which means you were in a pink onesie and sparkly skirt…we’ll do better next year!}

We love you Baby Charlotte—happy 10 months!

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