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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hey hey hey Readers!  11:11pm isn’t too late to start a blog right?  When else will it happen?

The last time I really wrote something, I was telling you about how I was living off of Splenda packets and ketchup and ready to lose my mind.  Not TOO much has changed since then except that it has… Allow me to recap a few things…

1. Last time, I was sewing my brains out in preparation for a big consignment sale which ended up going really well!  I learned a lot and I’m really glad I did it—it was an especially great opportunity for advertising.  I received a few other invitations to participate in similar events this Fall but they were all a little last minute.  Next Fall I really hope I can clear my calendar and do more.  If you happen to be reading this because you found me at the sale—hi, thanks, and welcome!!


2. That husband of mine… As if having our first baby and opening a Congressional office weren’t enough change for one year, he went and started a new job. In another state.  Yeah.  So that meant while I was losing my mind sewing all night and eating Wheat Thins for breakfast, he was working TWO jobs and dealing with the government shutdown.  We were two very busy ships passing in the night… He officially wrapped up his previous stint a few weeks ago and is now just down to the one.  You would think this would make life easier, but I mentioned it’s in another state, right?  Yep… So now it’s me and Baby Girl a lot. We miss him TONS when he’s gone but we made this decision as a family and we will get through it.  I am just glad he has a job that he enjoys and is proud of and comes home at the end of the day feeling appreciated and accomplished.  We have been in this city a long time and that’s a hard find around here… Anyway, go husband!

Handpainted Burlap "North Pole" Postage Stamp Accent Pillow

3. MEANWHILE…I won’t lie to you, working all day and coming home exhausted to a very busy almost 9 month old is tough.  And things have really picked up on Etsy {shameless plug: Christmas items up!} which is wonderful and exciting and flattering {thankyouthankyouthankyou!}, but that work on top of my day job on top of a baby on top of a traveling husband leaves me feeling like a failure some days.  Or just a very, very tired success story.  Or a really, really bad housekeeper.  Or someone who really loves Lean Cuisines.  Or all of the above.

4. Thank God for awesome friends though!  So many people have reached out to offer help and my friend Cora, who already watches Charlotte in the daytime, offered to come back over last week so Tyler and I could go out and celebrate his birthday.  We sat outside on a perfect fall night at our favorite little wine bar and enjoyed wine and fancy cheese {Tyler ate fancy hotdogs!} and got milkshakes for the way home that had straws the size of a nickel in them… It’s the little things, guys.

5. And more awesome friends… {This is for you, Nancy.} Our friends the Smiths came and spent a few days with us last weekend.  Christie and I went to college together and we only get to see each other once or twice a year but I just love these people and they’re SO fun to be around and they kindly ignore the fact you only have a pullout sofa to sleep on and they both love food and football and stupid YouTube videos like we do, so naturally we had ball.
And thank GAWD because I still can’t get over our crumbling football season.  I really, honestly thought this was the season we weren’t going to blow it.  But there are injuries and HORRENDOUS rule changes and officiating and…I love ‘em anyway.  I’ll always be proud to be a Georgia Bulldawg.  {A very sad Georgia Bulldawg…}  Who wants to play FSU in the Championship game anyway??  Not me!

Hmmm…is that it?  Our running has been terrible but we’re still planning on being idiots and running the Savannah R&R half marathon anyway.  If only I knew some physical therapists or rehab specialists to talk me out of this risky decision… OH wait.

Other than that, I am reading Seven by Jen Hatmaker and soaking up every drop and wiping my bread in it {and I want to get rid of everything we own}, there are two flies in my house that I CANNOT KILL, I will be happy when I no longer have to see or hear 9,000 Virginia Governor campaign commercials a day, and I am going to sleep tonight in a Georgia sweatshirt I bought in 1998.

Charlotte turns nine months in a few days so I’ll be back soon!  In the mean time, thanks for checking on me sporadically.  I miss doing this more and taking time to actually process my thoughts {or just complain a little...}.  Thanks for listening, friends.

How are you?

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