Charlotte is NINE months old!

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Didn't I just write one of these?? Geez.  I feel like there's not much to update this month...

DSC_0184b copy
We went to the doc this week and here are your stats: you are 18 lbs {48th %}, 29" long {92nd %}, and your head is 17" around {30th %}—you are pretty much staying on the same curve you’ve been on.
I can’t help taking a picture after you get your shots… you are just so adorably pitiful.
Eating: you still take 3 six ounces bottles with each meal and eight ounces at bedtime.  Yogurt or oatmeal for breakfast, puréed stuff for lunch, and table food for dinner, thanks to those two toofers.  You like to feed yourself scrambled eggs, peas, cheese, corn, red peppers, and small pieces of rice or pasta.  You also love to sample butternut squash soup!
Sleep! Still a super still go to bed at 7/7:30 but have started to sleep until 8 or 8:30.  This morning you weren't even awake when I left for work at 8:15. :( Once those two bottom teeth popped through last month, you haven't woken up a bit.  You still take two naps, one in the morning and one around afternoon. {No way I can get in person pictures of you sleeping these days…but I am guilty of taking pictures of your monitor and sending them to Daddy when you sleep in funny positions—I won’t lie, I had multiple monitor pics to choose from here…}
People are always commenting on how happy you are—I’d be that happy if I slept sixteen hours a day too!  Your Uncle Tim called you Scruncher the other week which I think is a cute nickname…you smile so big your little nose scrunches up.
You are a crazy giggler now—it took you awhile to really become a laugher.  But we can easily get belly laughs out of you with tickles and tosses in the air.
We enjoyed some family outings our last month of having Daddy around all the time.
Other than that, you are just VERY busy ALL the time.  Your crawl is very fast {even up stairs} and you stand up in no time flat.  You transfer from furniture to furniture all over the house.  You pull things off the shelf, out of baskets, and you pitched a FIT the other day when I wouldn’t let you play with wine bottles.  You are growing into a toddler before our eyes…
And here are a few of my favorite pictures of you taken over the last month…

I love you in this hand me down loaner from your cousin Halley…she wore this in her first birthday pictures.





IMG_6154You still have crazy hair…

IMG_6157{There are lots o’ highchair pictures of you these days because it’s the only time you sit still!}



We sure love you baby girl!  We have truly learned the meaning of the word “delight” in being your parents… We delight in you in every sense of the word, Charlotte!

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