Charlotte is Eight Months Old!

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Charlotte, you are eight months old!  I am LATE getting this update posted because it is nearly impossible to take a picture of you by myself these days and we had such a busy month, it was hard to find time when you, me, and Daddy were all together and awake!  So the date below is a little fudged…but you are eight months old!

DSC_0256 copy

You love to crawl on the scale and watch the numbers jump around which is awesome so I don’t have to stand on it with you anymore!  That is why I know you’re 18 pounds.  You are wearing 9-12 month clothes, size 2 diapers {STILL}, and you have crazy hair that sticks out on the sides that NO AMOUNT of mom spit will flatten down.


You are so fun and full of big, cheesy smiles—everywhere we go someone asks, “Is she always this happy??”

DSC_0563You are, unless we are changing your diaper, which is a little like bathing a cat.

You love running errands and sitting in the cart—I’m pretty sure you think you’re in your own personal parade.  You grin everyone down and follow them with your head until they finally smile back or talk to you.  I think if you could wave you’d be Miss America-ing your way down the aisles.

IMG_5715Bath time has become frustrating for everyone because sitting still isn’t exactly your forte and you do not like being told you cannot stand up.  So, instead you try to crawl and just slip and slide all over the place.


You are a crawling machine…your primary goal is to get to something you can stand up on.  You LOVE playing in the ottoman where we keep your toys—you easily spend 20 minutes standing there digging around and pulling out toys.  I fixed a whole dinner this week and you just played at the ottoman the whole time.  Miss Independent.

IMG_5809You are still a super sleeper at night—7:30 to 7:30 or 8:00—but you are starting to need less sleep during the day.  You still take two naps—one for two hours, the other only an hour or an hour and a half.


You had a rough few nights of sleep the last couple of weeks and we just couldn’t figure out what was up.  And then last Saturday when we were at the consignment sale, Dad discovered the culprit…your first tooth!  You can’t see it yet but it has broken the skin and you can certainly feel it.  It has taken you so long to get teeth, we call you “Charlotte the Toothless Wonder.”  You are so independent and on the go, your big gummy smile was that last thing keeping you little to me, so I am a little sad for it to go… But “Charlotte the One Tooth Wonder” will be just as awesome.


I left you for three whole nights this month so I could take some time to myself and go to a “mom conference.”  It was hard to say goodbye but your Dad is so helpful and involved that I didn’t have to worry for a second leaving you with him.  We are both so, so lucky to have him.



IMG_5850I call you “puppy” a lot because that’s pretty much what you’re like these days!  You crawl all over the place, crawl over legs, crawl in our laps, rip apart magazines, pull our hair, chew on our shoes… And your favorite thing is to stand at the storm door and watch the cars and people go by.


You are starting to wave {you stick your arm out and wiggle your wrist around or open and close your first}, starting to sign “all done” when eating—a similar motion but with both arms out to the side.

IMG_5886{Or you just do this…}

Speaking of food, you have pretty much tasted all fruits, veggies, and meats at this point.  You occasionally have finger foods like peas, cheese, and last week I shared some of my chili with you!


You have developed a rash on your face the last month, that I think is your skin just being sensitive to all of the drool, food, and pacis on your face.  We cover you in Aquafer and it has gotten a little better but I have been eliminating different foods from your diet the last week to see if anything changes.  So far no, and you seem unaffected by it anyway.  Oh well- good thing we go back to the doc soon!

You are starting to turn pages in books…



Your vocabulary consists of “Muh-muh-muh-muh,” “Da-da-da-da,” “t-t-t-t-t-t,” “p-p-p-p,” and spitting.  I caught this funny little moment with Dad a few weeks ago.


Nathan is your best baby bud these days…IMG_5805


You spend the most time with him, mostly because his mom is AWESOME and has offered to watch you a few times this last busy month.  I would call you his girlfriend but you really act more like brother and sister…



You are our little running buddy these days… Our training lapsed a little bit due to last month’s craziness, but if you have a few toys and some puffs, you are happy as a clam in the stroller.


IMG_5828Love those little feets…

We took you to your first pumpkin patch a few weeks ago.  You were pretty oblivious to the whole thing, you just wanted to eat the pumpkins.  It was a beautiful day though and we got some great pictures!




And that’s all I can think of Baby Girl!  You just keep growing and getting smarter and faster and more independent.  I thought you getting bigger would make me sad but you are just too sweet and too much fun to be sad.  We are so thankful for you!


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