Week{ends} in Review

Monday, September 09, 2013

Sooooo…despite what my posts may look like, we actually do get outta the house and do things other than take pictures of Charlotte. 


No, we’re pretty good about getting out with or without her, most often with, and she’s usually happy to tagalong.  And while I typically mourn the end of summer, we have had an awesome few weekends lately that leave me yearning for more Fall!  Congress reconvened today, but we SO loved having Tyler around so much for the last month.  Already tonight he had to work late and I really missed him while doing bedtime prayers alone.  Anyway, all this to say, we’ve gotten some really great family time in lately!


The first big thing—we’re training for a half-marathon together!  I’ve kept it under wraps because I didn’t want to jinx anything.  We’ve been down the “Let’s train for an Ultra Super Ironman Race” road before and it lasted about two days.  But with Tyler’s old man ankles, we’re taking it really slowly and letting him set the pace and we’re now on week three!  This has meant runs or walks together as a family four nights a week and long runs on Saturday mornings.  I think Tyler secretly hates me for convincing him to do this, but I am grinning ear to ear every time!  It’s so nice to have a running buddy, both for accountability and company.  The last two Saturdays we’ve gotten out of the house as soon as Charlotte wakes up, run along the Potomac River {above}, and we’re back home in time for coffee and GameDay on ESPN!  Then we guiltlessly watch college football the rest of the day…

IMG_5759How cute is this little bulldawg??

Speaking of football…GOOOOOO DAWGS!! The first loss against Clemson was rough, but whattagreatgame against South Carolina!!  I’d much prefer no one pay any attention to the Dawgs the rest of the season because they just don’t do well when there’s a lot of hype—I’d rather them fly under the radar and sneak up on everyone in November.  Either way, I believe in them and I am SO excited for the season ahead!  It’s just nice for football to be on in the background all the time…

image-8Charlotte, on the other hand, was not quite sure what to think of all my touchdown celebrations…


Labor Day weekend, Tyler and I got a baby-sitter and went downtown for a Bacon & Beer tasting—it was SO fun!  I’d gotten him the tickets for our anniversary {while, he got me an anniversary band—whoops!} and we were finally able to use them.  We weren’t really sure what to expect but it was a big class—80 people—at Living Social’s headquarter’s in Chinatown.  We had drinks in the speakeasy beforehand and then headed up for our 8:30 reservation.  The tables were pre-set with three styles of bacon, two strips of each, and were paired with three different craft beers.  Two bacons were sweet—one with honey, the other with brown sugar, and the third was sirracha—it was WAY too hot for me. I think I only had one or two bites.  The piece de resistance was the fourth… Dark chocolate covered bacon sprinkled with sea salt.  It. was. ridiculous.  Stupid good. 

IMG_5736The  beers were okay—two were IPAs so too hoppy for me.  But you know me, I was there for the bacon!  Would’ve been fine with water. Smile  Anyway, it was a really fun datenight!  It only lasted an hour so it’s a great start to a night out if you’re in the DC area!


Friday mornings are still great at Stroller Strides!  Last week was particularly gorgeous—cool morning, cloudless sky over the river.  My friend Kelly and I shared a picnic afterward.  Charlotte and Nathan were a little suspicious of the Feeder of the Puffs.


After spending too much money and eating too much food in August, Tyler and I vowed to not eat out for the month of September.  No ordering in, no lunch, no Chipotle.  We promptly broke it on September 6th to go to Truckeroo.  But we hadn’t been all summer and there’s only one left, so we had to!!  You pay in cash anyway, so it’s not like we were going in to debt on cheese empanadas… Smile  Anyway, Friday night was just gorgeous.  Seventy degrees, no humidity. 


So we met a bunch of friends from work, strapped Charlotte in the Baby Bjorn, drank beer walking from food truck to food truck.  Modern Dad copyWhoever the cover band was, was really good, jumping from decade to decade.  {I sang “I would walk 500 miles” to Charlotte when I put her to bed that night.}  We stayed until dark, Charlotte happily kicking her legs to the band {she never. stops. moving.} until we rolled home, stuffed with empanadas, fried shrimp, and Korean tacos… It was great night! {Now we resume our commitment to not eating out the rest of the month.Smile}


Sunday morning we headed to church and opened up our bulletins to see that MAX LUCADO was preaching!  What??  His new book is coming out this week and he is on speaking tour promoting it apparently.  The sermon was excellent with great application concepts.  I cannot recommend watching/listening to it enough. {It will eventually be posted here.}  We bought a copy of the new book afterward and he was kind enough to sign it afterward—what an unexpected treat!

image-9{You can’t tell but that’s him.}

No big plans this weekend—a Saturday morning run and hopefully a Georgia game that doesn’t raise my blood pressure!  Today was a busy Monday getting ready for the week ahead—back to the grind tomorrow.

Happy Monday!!

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