Seven Month Update

Friday, September 06, 2013

Charlotte you are seven months old!  You are growing and moving and learning so many new things everyday, I can hardly keep track of it!  We had a very busy month with lots of out of town visitors and traveling to Savannah.  You also spent a lot of time with Daddy since work was so slow in August—I think it’s a three way tie for who loved it most!


I think you are about 17 pounds.  I call you my bag of muscles—you are long and lean and constantly moving.  You still wear size 2 Pampers and size 2 cloth.  Size 2 cloth diapers are HUGE on you.  Clothes are all over the place—you have 3 month bubbles that still fit and 9 months PJs, but mostly you’re in 6 month clothes.  Your summer clothes are the cutest and I am sad to pack them up soon…


You are a tactile baby—you touch and grab and scratch everything. I can hardly have anything else in my hands if I’m holding you.

IMG_5697You still have no teeth and drool like crazy!

IMG_5669You are ridiculously happy and easy going…unless you are tired and in your stroller.  Stroller Strides is right in the middle of naptime and you let everyone know you’d rather be sleeping… You do NOT fall asleep in your stroller if there is a lot going on.

photo 1-1You are content to play by yourself and have NO problem entertaining yourself.  Your favorite toys right now are measuring spoons and a water bottle with beans in it.

IMG_5436Sleep: Girl, we are so in the sweet spot of sleeping, I’m almost scared to write it down.  But you take two 2 hour naps a day and sleep solid 7:30-7:30.  We had to go in and wake you up at 8am this morning!  You don’t cry when you go down, you don’t wake up in the night.  The Grassmeyers are all sleeping real good.


Sounds: A lot of B-b-b-bs {which evokes a chorus of “Barbara Ann” from me—possibly the only person in my generation to do this…}.  And lots of “muh-muh-muhs”…until we went on vacation and had ten uninterrupted days with Daddy.  And so the “duh-duh-duhs” started.

IMG_5658Eating: You have loved your first month of food!  You love it all—sweet potatoes, squash, peas, carrots, green beans, avocados, apples, peaches, pears… Mum-mums are new and a great distraction when you’re in your stroller—except they are totally disgusting and make a huge mess.

Charlotte Hates Pears

Pears grew on you.  They were the first fruit you had and I thought I was being SO nice to introduce you…

This month you…

DSC_0209Started crawling!  After rocking and rolling foreeeveer you started Army crawling at 6.5 months and were moving on all fours right at seven months.

IMG_5638Learned to stand up in your crib! Surprise!

photo 2-1 photo 3 photo 4

I caved and got you a jumper!  But you are crawling and getting into standing on your own, so I broke my PT rules and got you one.  You love it!  For about 10 minutes.

IMG_5493IMG_5507Played on the beach for the first time…

DSC_1065Went on your first boat ride!  Loved the wind, loved the life jacket a little less…

And before we go, my favorite pictures from the last month.



IMG_5600Reading with Uncle Andy…


IMG_5777Cousin Cohen tolerating you…

IMG_5446Strolling the Avenue…

IMG_5778Sunset dinner in St. Simon’s…

IMG_5779Giggling with Aunt Christine

IMG_5782Family boat ride…this lasted about 20 minutes until the sky fell out…

IMG_5784This might be the only month in your little history where there are more pictures of you and me than you and Daddy… You’re my girl!


Our bedtime prayers every night start with, “Dear Jesus, Thank you for another day with Charlotte…” It is not lost on us how blessed we are to have a happy, healthy baby.  There is so much sorrow and loss in this world, we are truly thankful for the joy that you bring, Charlotte.  We love you!

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