One of those weeks...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It's one of those weeks y'all... I am treading water. Barely.  I've resurfaced choking a few times, so maybe I'm really drowning, who knows.  I consider it a victory if Charlotte is fed and I make it to bed for 1 AM.  It's one of those weeks.

This is the week of the vendor sale.  I shared on my FB page, but maybe not here-- I was invited to sell my Twinkle Toes stuff at a local consignment/vendor sale coming up which is super flattering and exciting and awesome, but they um, asked me three weeks ago. {Ahem} Three weeks.

That's a whole lotta fabric ordering, cutting, sewing, stitching, top stitching, snap applying, and ironing to happen in three weeks.  So I have neglected all hygiene practices, half marathon training, parenting, and um, sleeping.

To provide some context, I'm pretty strict with healthy eating during the week. No alcohol, soup or salad for lunch, balanced dinner, fruit and cool whip for desser, blah blah blah.  Yesterday, my entire diet consisted of coffee, wheat thins, pizza, garlic butter {for the pizza crust, duh}, M & Ms, more pizza, more garlic butter, brownies, and a glass of wine. Maybe a glass of water somewhere in there. Maybe.

That's what happens when I don't go to the grocery store.  Because I've been sewing.  And I have no self-control. 

But the pizza wasn't my fault.  I posted this yesterday...

And whadayaknow, I'm at work playing with one of my favorite kids and all the sudden everyone's all, "Who ordered pizza?  I didn't order pizza, did YOU order pizza?" And I'm all, "I didn't order any pizza." But two pizzas were mysteriously delivered in MY name, sending everyone into a happy little tizzy.  It was bacon and mushroom, and Hawaiian.  This magical pizza order-er was no stranger.

I quickly narrowed it down to three people.  It wasn't Tyler because the credit card number on the receipt wasn't right.  I called my mom and she immediately said, "I didn't order any pizza."


I heard the hesitation in her voice as soon as I called and asked- debating or not whether to take credit.  I know her too well though and her three year old is probably a better liar than she is.  She quickly fessed up.

Now everyone at work won't stop telling me how great my sister is.  Seriously.  Someone actually told me her husband wants to adopt her.  Unfortunately for you, she's taken.

 So she's to blame for all of that mushroom bacon pineapple ham garlic butter pizza heaven.  She's also to blame me eating anything other than Wheat Thins all day.  Man, I love her.  It totally made my day on this how-am-I-ever-going-to-make-through-this-week week.

Today, I am pleased to share that I had yogurt for breakfast and lukewarm soup out of a mug for lunch.  We're making progress.

For now, I'm going to go top stitch, snap, and iron my little brain out in preparation for the sale this weekend.  If you're local, come say hi!!  If I don't have a pumpkin spiced latte in my hand, something has seriously gone wrong that morning...

2013 Northern Virginia Parents of Multiples Consignment & Vendor Sale
September 28, 2013
Luther Jackson Middle School
3020 Gallows Road
Falls Church, VA 22042

The entire Twinkle Toes collection will be there, and then some.  I just got a fancy little Square credit card reader, a banner and everything.  Boom, y'all.

{Okay, enough procrastinating-- Happy Hump Day!}

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