My Favorite Things: Mommy Edition

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Awhile back, I shared some of my favorite baby things, which got me thinking about what some of my favorite things are since becoming a mom.  IMHO, these are great treats or just fun shower gift additions to show new moms a little love…

Chewbeads Perry 100% Silicone Teething Necklace

Chew Beads—I don’t usually describe jewelry as functional but some genius created this rubber jewelry specifically designed to allow babies to tug and chew on them.  Anybody that has ever held a teething, drool-y, grabby baby understands the novelty.  And I happen to find them pretty cute…

—So maybe you don’t want to give this as a gift unless you want to get punched in the gonads.  But if you’re a mom and looking to get a workout without worrying about childcare, this is your jam.  The name Stroller Strides really doesn’t do it justice… Kick Mommy’s Ass twice a week is more like it.  It’s not easy, but there are moms of all fitness levels there with kids of all ages.  Double strollers even, God bless ‘em.  First class is free—check it out!  I swear by them.

—So I’ve only been pregnant once which means I can’t say with full confidence how much this changed my body, but I religiously wore this dang thing every day and night for the first eight weeks after Charlotte was born.  It could get annoying, but every time I threw it across the room in frustration, it was back on within 30 minutes.  It helped my clothes fit without muffin topping all over the place and made feel slightly less like Jabba the Hutt every time I sat down.  Completely worth the $50.

5 Year Journal—my friend Jamie gave this to me at the baby shower she threw for me.  I LOVE it.  Each pages is divided into five sections with just a few lines in each.  I jot a memory or two from the day and in five years, I will have a page of memories for every day of the last five years.  I will be able to look back and see what I did on every March 3rd, every June 5th, every December 15th from 2013-2018… {I can’t believe I just typed “2018”…shiver.}.

Versa Spa Sunless Tanner—My skin has changed a lot lately.  Whether it’s baby related hormones or just getting older, I have no idea.  But a good tan used to make me glow…now I feel like it just gives me sun spots and makes me feel dry and wrinkly. Plus, there just isn’t a whole lot of reclining at the pool these days.  So I love this stuff.  It’s the same spray they use in the booths at the salon, but your money goes a lot farther.  The tan lasts several days, and it’s pretty easy to apply and correct splotches.

Dry Shampoo—So this one is a little practical.  But anyproduct image mom knows how tricky it can be to get a proper shower.  {Okay, let’s be real.  I used dry shampoo WAY before I had kids…I just have a better excuse now.}

Non-alcoholic beer—Less calories while losing the baby weight and it’s supposed to be great for your milk supply {something about the yeast…}.  I typically reserve alcohol for a weekend treat, but this is a guilt free weekday change-up to my water and diet coke habit.  I’m not much of a beer drinker, so I’m not that picky but I enjoy Buckler the best—I’ve found it in restaurants and I feel sligtly less lame not drinking O’Douls.

Alcohol Strips—Okay, forget the non-alcoholic stuff.  We need the good stuff but with all of that breast feeding, it can be tricky to know when you can indulge a little and how much you can have.  I don’t use these much any more, but I used them a lot in the beginning {i.e. I needed a lot of wine in the beginning!}.  Charlotte was so tiny and she had breastmilk jaundice for the first six or eight weeks, so I didn’t want to put any extra stress on her little liver.  Now that she’s not eating around the clock, it’s much easier to enjoy a glass of wine without worrying.  But I loved these in the early days…

*In other news… Moms also love free baby-sitting, laundry folding, BOTTLE CLEANING {There is some crazy voodoo magic that automatically hides dirty bottles in every room of my house.  That I find thirty seconds after I just finished washing the rest.}, wine, brownies, not staring at them when their kid cries, and foot rubs.

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