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Monday, July 29, 2013

It’s finally happened.  After years and years and YEARS of my sister and I walking around being all, “I can make that…” and “We should start a business…” we are finally putting our money where our mouth is.


Wait, not literally.


Okay, we spent real money to make the investment, is what I’m trying to say, and we’re makin’ stuff!  And we’re selling it!

Sort of.

We’re hoping to sell it.

My Etsy business has been so up and down depending on how much time I have to put into it.  And when I’ve really buckled down, it’s really been quite successful.  So joining forces and splitting the work with my sister has been the good kick in the pants I’ve needed to get things up and running again.

So what are we selling…

DSC_0672b DSC_0674bDSC_0646b DSC_0652b

Right now, we’re starting with baby stuff.  Car seat canopies, burp cloths, bibs, paci clips… So far, only car seat canopies and burp cloths are listed but there is more on the way!


Funny side story—Becky {said sister} lives in Atlanta and worked really hard to get everything finished so she could send it with my grandparents when they came up for Charlotte’s dedication and avoid shipping costs.  So she dropped it off at their house and to make sure she didn’t forget them, Grandmommy went ahead and put them in the trunk.  And of course, diligent Granddaddy wanted to clean out the car before their big road trip… And you can guess what happened.  He thought it was a box of fabric from one of my grandmother’s sewing or knitting projects.  {I believe the term “rags” was used in the re-telling of these events, but I am willing to forgive this because…he is sweet and a non-sewing man and once snuck into a women’s restroom at a McDonald’s because I accidentally left my ticket stub to “Cats” in there.}

DSC_0678b DSC_0686bDSC_0691b DSC_0695b

So ANYWAY, the “prototypes” finally arrived and I was able to list them!  Becky worked really hard to get all of the first items made {I picked and paired the fabrics, so if you are really generous you could call me the designer…really generous}, so go check out her handy work!  Bibs and paci clips and taggy blankets are soon to follow… And hopefully my dining room table won’t look like this forever…


Wait, and it’s called Twinkle Toes!  The baby line is called Twinkle Toes…by Barefoot Daydreams… Get it…

Okay, now go check it out!

Please. Smile

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