Charlotte: Month Five!

Monday, July 01, 2013

Charlotte, you are FIVE months old!  Insert obligatory “Where does the time go??” statement here.


I don’t know how big you are but I know how cute you are!  If I could freeze time, Charlotte, I would do it right now.  This has been my favorite month with you by far—you are so much fun. All smiles and happy screeching, scooting all over the place on your tummy, grabbing and chewing on with everything…but you’re not yet mobile.  I really appreciate being able to safely leave you on your play mat while I get things done around the house, without you getting too far away.


Clothes:  You are wearing 6 month clothes.  You can still wear a few 3 mo things but most of that stuff is shorts on you instead of pants!


Sleeping: You are all over the map, sister.  Some nights you wake up a lot—it only takes 10 seconds to go in and give you your paci but it is still frustrating! Other nights, we don’t hear a peep from you.  I really can’t complain though—we put you down at 7:30 and you generally sleep until 7 or 7:30 with those brief interruptions.  You still take three naps a day, but you are starting to only need two some days.  You are just awake and happy for much longer stretches!


Food: You take 4-5 bottles a day and we still do your dream feed before we go to bed.  We successfully dropped it for a few days and then you started waking up a TON, so we reinstated that… And we just started rice cereal {or oatmeal, actually} a few days ago.  You weren’t quite sure what to think but are starting to get the hang of it…

IMG_4932{Exhibit A: I think she’s saying, “Yeah I’m gonna spit oatmeal everywhere, whatchoo gonna do about it?”}


We started to you on cloth diapers this month, thanks to the generosity of Aunt Becky letting us borrow hers for a trial run.  I am far from the hippiest person you’ll ever meet, but that constantly full tube of diaper genie bags of non-biodegradable mess was a little hard to swallow. Plus, who am I kidding—I’m cheap.  Cloth diapers make a lot of sense… {And I won’t tell anyone, but your Dad voluntarily put you in one the other day… He’s starting to get on board…maybe.}

Morning time is still the sweetest.  Your skin always flushed pink, your eyes a little puffy, and your typical loud squealing is traded in for more subdued cooing and gurgling.




No teeth yet!—I am glad simply because I am in denial that you’re getting older.  But you are a drool-y mess and you put everything in your mouth ALL the time!

New things: You do this funny thing where you scratch your fingers on EVERYTHING. Your playmat, your carseat, your crib…you rake your fingernails over and over and over making little scratchy noises.  You also LOVE to put your fingers in my mouth, you anticipate my tickles which is adorable, cutting your fingernails is now an 18 person job, and you have learned to spit which is very charming… {I believe the polite term is “blowing raspberries.”}

You aren’t sitting yet but are starting to get the hang of it…for about thirty seconds at a time.


I still take creepy pictures of you while you sleep…


You still love your feet and they finally made it into your mouth!





Bath time is getting trickier…


IMG_4709But it’s still a lot of fun!

Some firsts this month…

Riding in the grocery cart!

IMG_4871[1]{You sit up nicely for about five minutes and then end up slumped over…so you don’t ride like this much yet.}

Sitting in your high chair!

          IMG_4578 IMG_4579

You have ditched the car seat adaptor and are riding facing front in your stroller most of the time now.


Swinging at the playground!


You are reading at a three year old level…


You are still the master of all road tripping babies…


{Atlanta pictures in another post!}

You visited a lot of friends…




Your first Father’s Day with Daddy…


IMG_4632{You know you hit the Daddy jackpot right??}

And five month picture purge!  My favorite pictures from the last month…








IMG_4872With Mrs. Cora, who keeps you while I’m at work—I think you two are pretty happy with one another! {I LOVE this picture of you.}


Life is good Charlotte!  You are truly a sweet, happy baby.  We tell you all the time, we’re so lucky we get to be your parents.

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