Catching up on family time…

Friday, July 12, 2013

There is an onslaught of family coming in this weekend because sweet Charlotte is being dedicated at church on Sunday. And in an effort to stay quasi-chronological, I wanted to FINALLY get a few posts up about the sweet time we’ve been able to spend with family over the last few months!

Back in May, which was like a WEEK ago except it wasn’t, we drove down to Savannah for Gracie’s first birthday.  Gracie is my sister’s second daughter—actually named for me, Kathryn Grace, which is still the biggest honor in the world.  Gracie is just the sweetest thing—she ALWAYS has the biggest smile.  Even when she’s sick with a snotty nose and red cheeks…big smile.

We split social obligations that weekend—Tyler traveled to Chicago for a friend’s wedding and I drove down to Georgia with my mom {who flew up just to drive down with me}.  As Charlotte gets older, I always think “THIS is the trip where she’s going to meltdown and I’ll never take a road trip again…” But she’s always a champ!

On Friday, we drove out to Tybee for Charlotte’s first real beach time.  She was so cute in her little Elton John sunglasses and wasn’t quite sure what to think of the water…


IMG_4411After the beach, we met my brother and sister-in-law downtown for lunch with Charlotte.  I can’t wait for them to have babies—they will be the most fun parents.  {Except that Charles pulled a Vince Vaughn when Charlotte spit up two teaspoons of milk that landed on my leg. “I don’t do well with bodily fluids.” Good luck with that.}


Halley has taken a big interest in C and loves to play and “help” with her…



I was a little surprised at this since she wasn’t all that thrilled to share the spotlight with the last little baby to enter her life…

{Exhibit A}

IMG_4425Friday night we ate dinner at one of my favorite dockside restaurants… Seriously, how cute is this place?

IMG_4436Just hanging out with Aunt Becky…

IMG_4431Charlotte telling me “Mom, there IS such thing as too big a bow!”

{That’s not really her bow. I promise.  I really do have limits…It’s ok, I know you don’t believe me.}

Saturday was party day to celebrate sweet Gracie!  It was a fun, low-key family party at my mom’s house with lots of kids running around everywhere.

IMG_4450My adorable sister—momma to Gracie.

IMG_4491Charlotte, uh, loves her Uncle Charles…?

IMG_4447I love this picture—I asked Halley to help keep Gracie’s hat on…

And the moment everyone waits for at a one year old’s birthday party… the smash cake!  This just doesn’t get old to me.


Some cousin love with Abby Grace… Halley was more into it than AG.  She kept yelling and chasing her… “ABBY!  Give me a hug!!!”



My how time flies… I love my Halley Walley Woo…

Of course it’s not a trip to Savannah without a visit with our other favorite two girls… It’s always so fun to see Celia & Sarah, Lauren & Lane.  And it’s always amazing to compare what a difference a few weeks makes when they’re this young!

IMG_4476I love how Charlotte & Celia are holding hands…



Preggo PicI love these girls—so excited to see them again next month!

And that concludes the excitement of the trip… Sunday morning, Tyler flew from Chicago to Savannah just to drive back home with his girls.  It was an uneventful drive but we are lucky he’s always along for the ride.  We got a good one!

Until next time…I’m going to go grocery shopping and bake an absurd amount of muffins for Charlotte’s festivities… Happy Friday!

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