Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I am certain that any regularly blogging mother is a stay at home mom with 17 nannies.

Who on earth has time for this??

It frustrates me that I’ve done so little blogging beyond Charlotte’s monthly updates.  So much life has happened in the last few months and I have documented so little of it on here.  Praise Jesus for the iPhone and a small journal I have because I would otherwise have no record of time…

Some days I feel like Super Mom and I’m like, “Today, I worked a full day, made homemade enchiladas, played with Charlotte, and ran three miles—all before dinnertime!”  And other days, most days, I’m like, “Today we’re all breathing and nobody starved—score!”   It’s not that being a mom and doing “baby things” is overwhelming in and of itself.  It’s that it adds seventeen more things to my to-do list and I end up feeling like I’m doing a little bit of everything, but nothing very well.  So then I just feel like I’m failing at everything, or treading water at best.

It’s an awesome feeling, really.

We traveled last weekend which was wonderful because we visited family but has made for a terrible work week catching up on everything.  So this week I’m waving my little white flag and eagerly waiting on a do-over for next week.

Overall, life is good!  There’s much that has happened that I haven’t shared…visits with family, surprise baby-sitters, Father’s Day, and baby showers.  And there are a million half-written blogs that MAYBE one day I will publish…

Until then, I just wanted to say I miss y’all.

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