My First Mother’s Day

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last weekend marked my very first Mother’s Day {weird!}.  The weekend happened to coincide with a work retreat for Tyler at The Homestead, which has quickly become our favorite getaway since we first visited in February 2012.  A free weekend in this mountain oasis?  Sign me up!

Sunday morning I woke up and was going to change my profile picture on Facebook, but quickly realized I had no pictures of me and Charlotte that a} weren’t selfies on my iPhone or b} taken after the first 10 days of her life.  Must be a mom thing—I have a TON of pictures of Tyler and Charlotte!  None of she and I.  So I asked Tyler to take advantage of our beautiful surroundings and take an obnoxious amount of pictures of the two of us…

Most of these were at brunch that morning, the rest were out on the front porch.

DSC_0947I believe this to be the first of many sitting sessions with mom fixing hair and bows…



DSC_0959Oblivious to my kisses….

Mommy and MeMy favorite.




But these three are the best…



DSC_0021_bOur little family.

It was odd for me to be told “Happy Mother’s Day” or receive any special attention because becoming a mom has been the greatest earthly joy I have known and I truly relish every moment.  It is hard work, but Charlotte—the pleasure is all mine.

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