Four Month Update

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Charlotte, you are four months old!  The hospital seems like ages ago—seems like you’ve been with us forever!   But in the grand scheme of things, I know four months is still very young so I still try to refrain from calling you “big” and “old.”  One day you really will be big and old…but today you are still “yittle.”


Your four month well visit was on Friday, so here are your stats…

Weight: 13 lbs, 11oz—up three pounds in two months.  You are still in the 25th percentile, but closer to the 50th this month.  {I’m really not into percentiles in a competitive sense, but I find them interesting…}

Length: 25 inches—that puts you in the 75th percentile!  Tall and skinny.


You had a blast playing with the paper on the table until it was time for SHOTS! {Duh. Duh. Duh.}  You had to get four and the nurse took her precious time this time, so you really reacted to each one… You have this very pitiful cry when you’re really upset—not a scream like before, but a very childlike, choke-y cry.  Too bad even your cry is cute…we couldn’t help but laugh a little.


Clothes:  You are still wearing 3-6 month clothes and just started wearing size 2 diapers.


Sleeping: You went on a sleep strike a few weeks ago that lasted about 2 weeks—you went from being this awesome sleeper to constantly waking up in the night, which was super fun because it coincided with me going back to work.  You worked out the kinks though {learning how to roll} and are back to sleeping through the night, with the occasional exception of HUGE diapers at 3am.  You rarely sleep on your back anymore…the second you’re down, you flip right over.  In fact, the first time you ever rolled over was at 3am, fully swaddled!  You were face down in your crib with your arms strapped by your sides…so goodbye swaddled arms!


Your flat spot has gotten MUCH better since last month.  I don’t even make you sleep in your silly hat anymore which I’m sure you appreciate, you little hat-hater.


You spend almost all of your time on your tummy—even when you are tired and fussy, if I flip you on your back, you flip right back onto your tummy {and keep crying…which is when I call you Crazy Baby.  Sometimes you just can’t decide what you want…}


Your “chatting” went to a whole new level this month!  Your sweet coohs and gurbles have turned into straight up screeching.  Especially when you are tired… Instead of crying you just get really loud and giggly, which is so cute we egg you on and tickle you and then have a bear of a time getting you to fall asleep.  My bad.


You are grabbing EVERYTHING and EVERYTHING goes in your mouth.  You drool everywhere.  You are a baby baby these days, a very active participant in your surroundings.  Long gone is the baby who would just lay there and cooh…

And you are trying SO HARD to get your paci in your mouth by yourself… what a day it will be when you figure out that little trick by yourself!


You are exclusively on bottles these days. With my return to work, it’s just easier.  Pumping is a pain but it allows us a great deal of freedom to be out and about with you.  You drink 5-6 ounces a feeding, occasionally 7.  I’m surprised you’re not bigger with how much you eat!  You’re definitely staying awake longer and your feedings have spread out to every four hours.




NEW things you LOVE: Your feet!  Your legs are constantly straight up in the air and you’re playing with your feet.  They haven’t made it into your mouth yet, but I’m sure it’s just a matter of time… Your fingers are what are constantly in your mouth. Constantly.

We had a super busy month with a lot of traveling.  Here are a few of the highlights:

First trip to South Carolina… We stayed in Pawley’s Island for a week while Daddy worked in Myrtle Beach.  Gigi and our friends Lauren & Lane came up for a few days to keep us company.  You two were so cute in your swimsuits!






First real trip to the beach {in Savannah}… We went down for Gracie’s first birthday. {More on that in another post!}


First trip to the Homestead. Daddy had a work conference and families were welcome, so of course we made the three hour drive to the mountains.  We knew a few other families there and enjoyed dinner dates with the Higdons and the Walkers.  Daddy and I even snuck out for a drink on the porch one evening while the Walkers baby-sat {And by baby-sat, I mean we parked your stroller in their room while you slept—you will sleep anywhere!}.



First swim {at the Homestead}…

IMG_4323IMG_4337IMG_4340Passed out after the pool.

And four month picture purge… Some of my favorites from the last month.

IMG_4291This picture makes me LOL… You were on your tummy and started fussing—I came to check on you and found you had spit up all over the place.

IMG_4504Cora took this and sent it to me at work… She is so sweet to do that.

IMG_4511Another day at work with Daddy…

IMG_4516We carry you around like this all the time… And you smile like this all the time… You are one happy baby.


IMG_4240I will miss you being swaddled…you look like a china doll all wrapped up.

IMG_4203You and Daddy fell asleep together one Friday night… You rarely pass out like this.  It was so cute.

IMG_4197Funniest picture.



DSC_0164To quote April Harvey, “You hit the Daddy jackpot…”


Mommy Update: I have settled back into work with relative ease. I am very ready to be with my baby girl by Thursday afternoon, but we’re making it work!  We’ve been traveling so much that my workout routine has been limited, but we’re not going anywhere for the next few weeks so I’m looking forward to getting back to Stroller Strides a few days a week.  I am in week 9,000 of my quest to find the perfect postpartum bathing suit… I hate the tankinis I’ve tried on {more fabric does NOT necessarily mean more flattering!}, so I’ve shifted my focus to bikinis with more coverage.  One thing’s for sure, my previous collection of suits aren’t making any public appearances… I’ve also entered the dear-God-can-I-possibly-lose-any-more-hair stage of postpartum-ness.  My hair is pretty thick so it’s not the loss of hair I’m actually worried about—I’m just grossed out by the constant amount of lose strands at which I’m pulling.  I could paint the Mona Lisa on my shower wall every morning. Bleh.

One month through four months

So many days I just look at Charlotte and know how much I’m going to miss this sweet little baby. And it makes me sad.  Which seems a bit ridiculous to be sad about missing my baby while she’s still a baby, but that’s what goes through my head these days.  {It doesn’t help that every woman over the age of 40 grabs my arm and desperately tells me to enjoy my baby, like nothing good awaits me at the end of this decade…} But Charlotte, sometimes I have to catch my breath thinking about how much I love you.  You are, without a doubt, the best thing we’ve ever done.  Our thanks for you never ends…


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