Cake Dip

Friday, April 12, 2013

So on our recent trip to Nebraska, a friend of mine introduced me to my favorite new treat and I’m not sure I love her for it or hate her.  I’m talking to you, Shelly.

I’ve pinned a gazillion funfetti recipes on Pinterest…funfetti pancakes, funfetti rice krispie treats… I’ve never made any of them but the trend confirms we all seem to have some taste bud nostalgia obsession for this childhood boxed cake mix.

Well, my friend made this cake dip while we were staying with her and I officially fell head over heels.  I cannot stop telling people about it, I’ve become a cake dip evangelist. I love Jesus, Tyler, Charlotte, and Cake Dip.

DSC 0040 1024x682 {Recipe}: Funfetti Dip


Apparently it’s Weight Watchers so I’m surprised I haven’t heard about it….and that it’s Weight Watchers!  {Am I the only who’d never had this?}

It is ridiculously easy to make and even easier to eat so here it goes… You don’t even need a pencil for this:

Mix one box of funfetti cake mix, two cups of low-fat plain greek yogurt, and one cup of light Cool Whip.

That’s it.

You can chill it or whatever, but then you don’t get to eat it right away, so…do what you will.  You can use animal crackers, Vanilla Wafers, graham crackers, or any other sweet snack to scoop it with…because that’s what this dip needs: more sugar.

I warn you, it is insanely addictive and hard to put away.  I know nothing about the nutrition—even though it’s WW, I’m afraid to look.  So you’ll have to Google that yourself!

So there you go!  Jesus Saves, John 3:16, and cake dip is amazing.

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