Two Months!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Charlotte, you are two months old!  In terms of time, I think two months feels right—you seem two months old to me.  What I can’t believe is how fast you are growing!  You are much bigger at two months than I thought you would be!  It must be all that eating and sleeping…



{For the record, I always feel like a serial killer doing this—propping her up and posing her, usually while she resists and fusses, while singing creepy nursery rhymes and taking pictures…}

We went to the doctor today and here’s what’s up!


IMG_3767[1]{You got two shots and one oral vaccine…you took them like a champ, but even after you stopped crying, it took a long time for your skin to look a shade of human again!}

Weight: You are 10lbs, 8 ounces…up one pound, 12 ounces up from last month!  But still in the 25th percentile.  I like that you are little.

Length: 21 3/4”— you’re shrinking!  Obviously a measurement was wrong somewhere along the way but the nurse didn’t seem concerned enough to re-measure.  She thought today’s was accurate though.  You are also in the 25th percentile for height, as well as head circumference {which I think was 14 3/4”?}

Clothes:  You are wearing nothing newborn {tear…you are way too long} and all 3 month clothes.  I am still squeezing you into the last of your newborn diapers {I think we have five left…another tear…} and you wear size 1 at night.



Sleeping: Naps have gotten much better this month!  You take three consistent naps a day—at 9am, 12pm, and 3pm.  Sometimes you catnap in the late afternoon before bedtime.  You have slept through the night twice but otherwise sleep until 5:30 or 6am and are up for the day at 7:30 or 8:00am {unless it was this past weekend, where you refused to nap and woke up every three hours at night—gah!}.  We are still swaddling you during the night and occasionally during naps.

Crying: You cry much less than you used to!  I think part of this comes from you getting older and used to this world and the other part is because we’ve figured out your cries and needs and how to address them appropriately.  The only time you really cry hard is when you have gas or when you’re over-tired and we didn’t get you in bed soon enough.  You were also pretty cranky in Savannah and did not take well to sixteen people wanting to look at you and hold you.  Better get used to it though, sister!  They’re not going anywhere and they love you lots, so let’s return the favor okay?

IMG_3672You are adorable!  You look the same this month, just bigger!  When you’re in your carseat and slumped into a ball, you look huge!  You’re all cheeks in there.

IMG_3630You are still a blast to watch wake up…

And your neck is getting very strong…


IMG_3664{seriously love this picture. Scrunchiest kid ever.}

Things you LOVE: diaper changes {seriously}, eyebrow rubs {You are defenseless to sleep when we stroke your forehead}, and baths.  You love being held high over our shoulders, being carried facing out, and staring at lights and our ceiling fan {it is usually turned off since it is cold outside but Daddy turned it on the other day and your face totally wigged out, like “IT MOVES?!?!”.

Things you HATE: getting shirts pulled over your head, wind in your face, having your face wiped, and the hours of 6 to 7…pm or am.

Firsts this month…

IMG_3720[1]Sleeping in your room in the Moses basket {4 wks}


IMG_3649SMILING!!  {You love us, you really love us!  Those blank stares are long gone… They started slowly and seemed accidental and now there are times I can barely get you to eat because you’re too busy smiling.}  You are also cooing and gurgling a lot, but seem a little camera shy when I try to capture it.  There is nothing sweeter than your high pitched squeals…

IMG_3492Baby Bjorn with Daddy {6 wks}

IMG_3480Meeting Aunt Kara {6 wks}

IMG_3448First bottle of formula {6 wks…and bug eyed} {You get formula at 11pm so you sleep longer…}

IMG_3686Trip to Chick-Fil-A {7 wks}

IMG_3527Roadtrip and visit to Savannah {7 wks}

IMG_3617[1]Meeting Grandmommy, Granddaddy, Uncle Charles & David, Aunt Landon, Aunt Angie, cousins Halley, Abby Grace, Daniel, Adam, and many more sweet friends in Savannah {7 wks}

IMG_3565St. Patrick’s Day Parade {7 wks}

IMG_3776[1]Slept through the night {7 wks} {You’ve only repeated it once…let’s get with it, sister!}

Tricky tricky.

And today…on your two month birthday…{drum roll please}… you rolled over off of your tummy!  I didn’t coach you or teach you or anything!  Luckily, Daddy walked in the door five seconds after your big accomplishment and you gladly repeated it four more times… {I swear, she was happy as a clam the first few times…this was her last trick and clearly sick of us by the time we video’d it.}


As life gets easier and more stable, I am simultaneously sad that you’re not a tiny, helpless newborn anymore!  You can fall asleep on your own, nap without a swaddle, and hang out in your swing like a big kid.  And while I am sometimes sad, that quickly vanishes with excitement at the idea of new milestones and mysteries yet to unfold—what color will your hair be? Will your eyes stay blue?  What will your laugh sound like?  There is so much good life ahead of us!

And two month picture purge… Some of my favorites from the last month.




IMG_3424IMG_3445Please, no pictures.


IMG_3656             You smile a lot but we still get the stink eye!


IMG_3677Baby got cupcake.

IMG_3462Love your little features…even those boogers!


IMG_3675bThose eyelashes!

Mommy Update: I stopped wearing the Belly Band-It at seven weeks {I pretty much wore it non-stop, save a few days where I was in a bad mood and very maturely ripped it off and threw it on the floor} because I felt like it wasn’t tight enough to do much good and just ended up riding up or down and driving me nuts.  I wear Spanx because I still want to have something telling my body “This is where this goes…this is where that goes” {and so my muffin top is more of a mini muffin top…}.  I can wear most of my non-maternity jeans, but I hate them and still prefer the comfiness of my maternity jeans.  Plus, {TMI} every time I have to go to the bathroom in my regular jeans, I forget and try to just pull them down and it turns into a comedy of errors getting them AND my spanx down fast enough before having an accident… I have returned to running and was able to do five miles last week!  In other news, I can barely do a sit-up so that’s awesome.  I also stopped eating whatever I want, unofficially started Weight Watchers, and have seven pounds left to lose {The first 18 melted off within the first two weeks…the last ten seem pretty comfortable where they are}.  I would like to take full advantage of nursing and keep trying to lose weight though—I’m pretty sure my body won’t be back to normal for awhile, even after those seven pounds. Right now, my goal is for my belly button to be less than three inches deep.


And that’s it!  Charlotte, you are precious to us and I’m not sure an hour goes by that I’m not praying thankfulness for you.  We are so, so lucky that God has entrusted us to be your parents.  You bring so much fun and joy to our lives everyday.

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