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Thursday, March 14, 2013

We are Savannah bound on our first family road trip today {!!} and I have about five half finished blog posts and I was trying to figure out which I could easily finish on my phone... I have all of the pictures from her nursery on here so nursery tour wins! I can't format them like I can at home, and half of them are from her newborn photo session and the other half are from my phone so it's a little hodge podge but oh well!

So this is where Charlotte lives... For the first four weeks of her little life this was purely the diaper changing room but she has transitioned well {after one rough week} into her new digs.




You know well by now my fascination with contact paper stripes... And I bought the monogram off of Etsy for $30. It came unfinished and we painted it with the blue paint leftover from the walls. In fact, we were both laying on the floor working on it the night before Charlotte was born. Little did we know... The bedding I also ordered from Etsy—I had a hard time finding something that wasn’t too theme-y or wouldn’t throw the girl into sensory overload, but I thought this was perfect. I love the fabric.

The bird pictures I bought back in the fall at Art on the Avenue, a huge art festival in Del Ray. The smaller pictures on the outside are Nebraska and Georgia {our respective native countries}-- I printed them for free {I believe I found them on Pinterest??}. The pictures on top are images from her bedding {I just cut and pasted from Internet pictures of the fabric-- stole the idea from my creative friend Jamie who threw me a shower designed around the fabric...}

DSC_0543I love her curtain-- I bought cheap white panels from Bed, Bath & Beyond for $15 and used Steam-a-Seam to add the green ribbon border. I also added blackout fabric to the back which I bought from Joann's for $6/yd. Altogether WAY cheaper than the Harper linens from PBK I was looking to knock-off.

Girls' Harper Panel 44 x 63" Green

Harper Crib Skirt, Green

I also love her blackout shade though it is a PITA to pull up and down so I rarely move it. It's a shade from Home Depot-- they cut it to size for free. Then I bought a large stencil and went to town with some craft paint and a sponge roller. After the first few stencils, it was very easy.


The shelves were already here when we moved in. Didn't initially love them but they have proved to be quite useful. They have been re-arranged a bit since these pictures were taken but you get the idea.

Her laundry basket lives under here…


All that money we saved on DIY window treatments, we lost on this PBK glider. I wanted to Ikea hack the white Ektorp chair by adding a glider bottom but someone whose name rhymes with Schmyler insisted on something more comfortable. I still think my plan would have worked but I will admit it's comfy. The ottoman I found at Goodwill for $15-- it also glides. My mom made the white slipcover when she was here after C was born.

The mobile was $25 half off from PBK.

This is a Moses basket we're borrowing from my sister. The basket actually sits in her crib since her crib alone is still too big for little ol' Charlotte.

LOVE this picture of Daddy and his daughter... Just a natural moment.

1070And this I found while I was rummaging through my phone trying to find these pictures. Can you believe I used to be pregnant?? Still weird...

Aaaaand that's it! I don't have a rug in there but I can't find one I really want or doesn't cost $800 so I'm not too worried about it. The only thing I don't have a picture of is her closet full of little smocked dresses I can't wait for her to wear... Oh well, you'll see them when she's big enough to wear them.

Until then... Thanks for stopping by!

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