Charlotte is One Month Old!

Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Girl, you are one month old!  I can’t decide if it feels like your arrival was one week or one year ago—it’s so hard to think of life without you.  Either way, it has been our most overwhelming, joyful, fatiguing, lovey month ever!  You are so precious to us.

DSC_0514b{Doesn’t she look comfortable??}


Here are your one month stats…


Weight: 8lbs, 12 oz {+ 1lb, 12 oz from birth!}—you are between the 25th and 50th percentile.

Length: 22 1/8” long {+ 2” from birth!}—you are in the 90th percentile.

Clothes: You can still wear a few newborn clothes {your body still fits but your little legs are getting too long} and 0-3 month clothes.  You still wear newborn Pampers.  I love how tiny they are.

IMG_3298Sleeping: You have been on a schedule from early on so you eat consistently every three hours.  You sleep from 11pm to 8am and most nights we only have to wake you up at 4am to feed—you sleep like a champ at night.  Naps are harder.  You take four to five a day but sometimes you only stay asleep 20 minutes.  Other times you’ll go down for a solid two hours.  I like to take one nap a day with you when we get to snuggle on the sofa.  Today you had shots and bloodwork so we took an extra long nap together…


You are so sweet but you also have no problem letting us know when you’re not happy.  You have very strong lungs and can cry ‘til you’re purple in the face sometimes.  Most of the time we just Happiest-Baby-on-the-Block you and it works like a charm, but other times it can take us awhile to calm you down.  It makes me sad…



You look so different already from when you were born.  You have morphed from a puffy newborn to a skinny little thing with petite features and now you are plumping up a bit in your face.  You are SO cute.

IMG_3254We LOVE to watch you wake up, especially after we unswaddle you.  You contort your face and stretch and wiggle for a good five minutes before you even decide to open your eyes.  And your arms immediately shoot up in the air.  We think you take after me…


Nicknames: We call you Baby Girl, Sister, Sister Christian, Girlfriend, Ladybug, Stinker Butt {Daddy calls you that when he changes your diaper}, Squeaks {you squeak a lot when you cry}, Squirrel {because every once in awhile you startle when you sleep and your arms freeze in the air in front of your face and your hands looks like little claws}, Missy Moo, Miss Charlotte, Houdini {G & G Grassmeyer call you this when you break out of your swaddle}, and a handful of folks have taken to calling you Char Char {not my favorite, but anyone having a nickname for you is cute…}.  We rarely call you Charlotte!

Here is a list of your firsts this month!

First Trip to the doctor {and second and third and fourth}


IMG_3377[1]First trip to mommy's work {you were four days old!}

1136 1143

First bath

1126First sunbath

1134You outgrew your first outfit {within your first week—too bad, I love this onesie!}

Mommy's first breakdown—the first time I cried after your were born was on our first night home with you.  You were crying late at night and we couldn’t get you to stop.  We grabbed a sound machine of a heartbeat and you immediately stopped.  I went from being frustrated to realizing you just didn’t know where you were and missed where you used to me.  I turned into a blubbering mess and held you tight for the rest of the night.  I always want you to feel safe with me.

1166First trip to church

1145First nap on mommy {I dreamed about this for a LONG time}

1153First paci {It took you a week to figure it out…you were trying to suck on everything but a paci.}

1160First bottle {When you were one week old. I don’t know who was happier about that first bottle—me, you, or Daddy}

1158First cupcake {Daddy bought them for your one week birthday}

IMG_3276First trip to Daddy's office

First projectile vomit {this has now happened three times…each one on Daddy! No pictures of this…yet.}




IMG_3375You met two sets of grandparents and your Aunt Becky and cousin Gracie.

And two last details from the last month…

My Recovery: I was so blessed with an easy pregnancy and delivery which helped make my recovery go really well.  I have felt really normal for a few weeks now.  I have about ten pounds left to lose, but I haven’t really been trying yet so I’m hoping once I get the all clear from my doctor next week, I can start exercising more intensely.  And because it’s still so cold, we have only been on a few walks.  I did a four mile walk-run the other week and felt great, so hopefully I’ll be back on track soon!  I’m really looking forward to having a normal belly button again!

BF: Breastfeeding is going much better than I anticipated.  She eats like a champ and I both nurse and pump depending on my mood, our schedule for the day, or when we have guests who want to give her a bottle.  We also give her bottles exclusively at night because she eats faster and typically goes right back to sleep.


It’s been the best month, Charlotte.  We look forward to many, many more! Every night before I fall asleep I always pray, “Thank you God for another day with Charlotte.  Please give us many more…”

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.”      Psalm 139:14

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