What’s in YOUR bag?

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

I really debated what to title this blog… I had a few options.  There was “What’s in the baaaaaag?,” a play on the line from the movie Seven.  Or there was “What’s in YOUR bag?,” from the Capitol One credit card commercials.  OR, I could’ve picked “My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…” from “Leaving on a Jet Plane.”  BUT, I’m not so sure she’s ready to go, she seems pretty content in there {she probably heard the wind chill tomorrow is zero…}.  And you can’t compare the sweet contents of her diaper bag to a bloody head in a box.  So Capitol One it is!


Baby girl’s diaper bag has been packed for a few weeks now…mostly because it’s way easier and more fun and everything is so tiny, I really didn’t have to be selective on what made the cut.  I think I have read every blog ever written on what to pack for the hospital {thank you Pinterest} and consulted all of my mom friends… So here’s what’s in baby girl’s cute little JJ Cole diaper bag…


Two receiving blankets {aren’t these so much cuter than the hospital ones?}.  I also bought a special blanket from Etsy that isn’t here yet, I’m embarrassed to admit how much it cost, but hopefully it will be a special keepsake for her…Pinned Image



Pampers Newborn diapers & wipes, Butt Paste, Dreft Instant Stain Remover pen, Arm & Hammer disposable bags {I know we won’t need these in the hospital but I just couldn’t resist…I’m enjoying being excited about diapers before reality hits.}.


Going home outfit—Gigi {my mom} bought this sweet little bubble & sweater that I picked out at Sara Jane’s Boutique while I was in Savannah over Christmas.


Two Back-up onesies—In case there’s sizing issues, poop issues, or I get hit with a wave of practicality {likelihood rating = 0}, I have a basic white onesie from the Design Your Own Onesie station at my mom’s shower and this Magnificent Baby onesie that Daddy bought {we only have one but everyone has sung the praises of these magnet PJs…I hear they’re pricey}.


Fluffy suit—this is the first thing Daddy bought when we found out we were having a girl {so I’m already crying at the idea of her outgrowing it}.  It is SO sweet and soft.  Between the Bundle Me in her car seat, her clothes, AND this, the poor thing will probably sweat to death before we make it home.  But it at least gets packed…


Hats—How FUN is this hat with the giant flowers??  It’s made by Mudpie & I found it at the Purple Goose just down the street from us.  Doubt she’ll wear it home, but I love the idea of these giant flowers on her tiny head… The white one is much more practical and a gift from my friend Julia.


Two pair of socks & one pair scratch mittens—nothing special, just cute and tiny.


Bows—I may or may not have three different sizes and colors of bows in her bag.  All on alligator clips that attach to a headband.  I just need it to stay on long enough for one photo op… {I’ll superglue them to her head once we get home and the nurses can’t call child protective services.}


Baby Care Kit {made by Elegant Baby and gifted to us at a shower} and a Soothie.  I’ve been reading a bit on breastfed babies taking Nuks versus Soothies and avoiding use in the first few weeks altogether.  I really want breastfeeding to work out, so I’m not sure what to do…

024cThree outfits, two hats, four bows/two headbands, two blankets, four socks, two mittens, ten diapers, wipes, butt paste, one paci, and one babycare kit.  I think that’s enough for one day in the hospital, right?? {I’m setting her up to be an over-packer…}

And THAT’S what’s in her bag.

Do me a favor though—all you experienced moms, laugh at me behind me back!  Please don’t tell me the amount of impractical things that sit here...  I am well aware that we will not use at least 50% of the items.  Please DO tell me what I’m overlooking!

So Baby Girl wants to know…


I will share what’s in MY bag.  Just as soon as it gets packed!  Right now, it’s all perfectly organized right here…


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