This is our prayer…

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

{Get ready y’all—we’re goin’ to church!}

Tyler & I discussed early on what our hopes and dreams for our baby girl are.  I don't think of either of us are fixated much on careers or hobbies or her Myers-Briggs score, but on who we hope she becomes and what her character is.

While we each listed out our adjectives, we both kept coming back to one. Confidence.  And since those early discussions, it has consistently been our first prayer for her.  That she be confident—not arrogant, not precocious, not necessarily outgoing.  But confident in who she is.  That she would derive her self-worth from her faith and from her family—not from what she looks like, how many boys like her, or what kind of purse she carries.  We pray that she would be self-assured and grounded in who she is and who she was created to be; that what she believes and stands for would be foundational to her sense of self; that she would not fall prey to the bullies and mean girls she will undoubtedly encounter.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I feel women {myself included} are generally are predisposed to being self-conscious about their body shape or their personality or to just dedicating too much time worrying about what people think of them.  This insecurity is poisonous in girls and I want a life for her that isn’t full of self doubt and a quest for approval.  I think this natural disposition imposed by the world, combined with a lack of self-confidence, is a dangerous, dangerous combination in a girl.

But in addition to confidence, we also pray that she be tender hearted, servant hearted, and compassionate; we pray that she is passionate and disciplined in whatever hobbies and careers she pursues.

In 2009, I first heard a song by a worship duo based in Colorado Springs, Fike & Dana.  “Our Prayer” was one of the final tracks on their album Make A Sound—it took my breath away the first time I heard it and I have been singing and praying it for my children ever since.  As I carry my first child, it of course takes stronger significance and I often catch myself playing it over and over in the car, taking a few extra minutes to sit and listen and pray the words before I get out.

You would be wise beyond measure,
Seek Truth over treasure,
Love above everything.
That you would find Hope in the hard times,
Grace in the good times,
And God in the days in between.

This is our Prayer, this is our song,
You would grow humble as you will grow tall.
This is our hope, this is our dream,
That you would fall madly in love with the King.

That you would be patient with passion,
Give praise unabashed,
Hold Faith in the highest regard.
That you would give all your attention,
To the God of Creation,
And serve Him with all of your heart.

There will be trials that will shape you,
Truth that will break you,
And Love that will take you to your knees.
You would be quick to surrender
Your heart and be tender,
To God and to your family.

This is our prayer, this is our song,
That you would grow humble as you will grow tall.
This is our hope, this is our dream,
That you would fall madly in love with the King.”

This hormonal mama has been a bumbling mess in church the last few weeks {or months}—the gospel is revived in me as I hear it now on behalf of my daughter. The words to this song and the words of scripture are new again as I pray them for my child and want this love and this gospel for her.  Our daughter ultimately has the freedom to choose what she believes, to make our faith her own or not.  She ultimately decides.  So I have to give that over Jesus now {or start working on it…}, but thankfully my full faith is in Him.  Please join us in praying for our baby girl and praying for us that we would raise her in such a way that our prayers for her are fulfilled—that she be faithful, confident, compassionate, tenderhearted, disciplined, and passionate

{And be patient with passion, give praise unabashed, hold Faith in the highest regard…}

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