Prepare Yourself…

Sunday, January 20, 2013

When I was in the early stages of this pregnancy, I thought to myself, “Yes!  I’ll have so many easy blog backup ideas!”  But then I didn’t want this blog to become only about pregnancy, so I intentionally avoided over-posting on all things pregnant… But I actually ended up under-posting on all things pregnant.  I have so many saved posts that I thought I would spread out over these 10 months and I haven’t posted any of them!

So here I find myself, nearly 39 weeks pregnant, having never shared the story of our journey to pregnancy, the evolution of my heart for this baby, my prayers for her, and very, very few pictures.  You may or may not care, but using this blog as one way I document my life for my own sentiment, I’m really disappointed in myself!

So today, while I’m home alone for the afternoon and I can faintly hear a “tick…tick…tick…” emanating from my lady biz, I’m going to clean up all these blogs and get them posted.  So prepare yourself for…


Because hopefully next week will really be Baby Overshare Week.  But in pictorial form… :)

Until then, appreciate this little gem I just found from week 14…


Did y’all know I used to be a super model??  {Haha.}


No but seriously—was there ever a day when I had a flat-ish belly?? One day I will not feel like a walrus.  One day I will not have a watermelon strapped to me. One day…

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