My bags are packed, I’m ready to go…

Thursday, January 24, 2013

No really…they are!  For whatever underlying psychological reasons, I’ve been avoiding packing my “go bag.”  But I didn’t work today, so I ran out of excuses…


I’ve been doing a lot of reading lately trying to figure out what exactly to pack for the hospital.  I’m a bit of an over-packer {obvi} and this is one time I don’t want a ton of extra crap to sift through.  So I tried to follow along with the hospital issued material…


And then I read this…

And they pretty much contradict each other completely.

So here’s what ended up making the cut…


1. Snacks:  There are hard candies {Werther’s & Jolly Ranchers} and gummy bears for me to suck on while I’m not allowed real food, as well as granola bars for daddy.

2. Going home outfit: Black yoga pants, white tee, comfy wrap sweater, and flats

3. Toiletries:  When it’s time to go, I don’t want to deal with packing up all the stuff I use on a daily basis, so I raided the travel section of Bed Bath & Beyond for shampoo, conditioner, razors, toothpaste, toothbrush, dry shampoo, make-up remover wipes, mouthwash, etc…

4. Hair dryer & straighter: Usually kept in our guest bathroom but I yoinked ‘em for myself.

5. iPod dock {Anyone else use this?  Am I really going to listen to music at the hospital?  Either way, it’s small.}

6. Lotion: my favorite, Eucalyptus Spearmint

7. Boppy pillow {Wasn’t originally going to bring this until I read that blog… Thoughts?}

8. Post labor PJs: button-front for breastfeeding {Should I not bring pants though?  Would a long nightshirt be wiser?}

9. My own pillow—it seems unanimous on all fronts that hospital pillows suck.

10. Slippers

11. Thick socks: my ashy winter white legs are going to look amazing birthing in these thick socks…

12. Flip-flops for shower shoes

13. Brand new cotton grande granny pannies {though I keep reading about these hospital mesh panties…} and a cotton nursing bra {basically a sports bra with a criss-cross front—I will invest in a real one once that whole game gets started}.

14. Contacts & glasses

15. The world’s largest maxi pads {I figure Tyler can use them as pillows if I don’t need them…}

Not pictured: phone charger, camera {that’s in daddy’s bag}, nipple shield {that is not in daddy’s bag}

Question: Do I need to pack a hot pack?  I have one of those rice socks you microwave.  Also, I didn’t pack a robe because I only have giant fluffy robes or short, satin-y ones and I’m not sure either of them will be useful.  But should I? Anything else I’m missing?


Now, this portion of the post could use my final blog title option “What’s in the baaaaag?” because all this junk is WAY more comparable to a bloody head in a box than sweet little baby clothes and relaxation tools.  Yep— it’s my recovery stuff.  This is not going to the hospital with me—I’m trying to stock up ahead of time because I’m an awesome wife like that…

If you’re a dude, this is your only warning to click out of this conversation before you hear words that rhyme with “sipple” and “zemorrhoids.” 


1. DHA supplement {leftovers from a co-worker}

2. Gel soothies for my boobies

3. Granola bars for sustenance during late night feedings

4. The Belly Band-It {removed from my hospital bag—I’ll give myself a day or two before I replace one crazy stomach occupant for another…}

5. 36 super-sized, overnight, grande, jumbo maxi pads

6. Witch hazel {to make my own padsicles—on my to-do list!}

7. Lanolin, also for my boobies

8. Preparation-H wipes

9. Flushable wet wipes {essentially adult baby wipes because I hear your post-partum lady parts aren’t so receptive to dry scratchy paper…should I take these to the hospital?}

10. Preparation-H cream {I figure when it comes to hemorrhoids, why skimp on just ONE type of Preparation-H?}

11. Summer’s Eve wipes {I’m not sure why I have these, but they were on some list in one of the 180 blogs I read, so I got them…}

12. Tuck’s {the 17th item I have in my possession that is moist, cold, and soaked in witch hazel}

13. Disposable breast pads

Not pictured: waterproof pad that is hiding between our mattress pad and fitted sheet {we bought it just in case my water broke so I wouldn’t ruin the mattress, but I’m also learning it may come in handy for the expulsion of the various liquids that will be leaking from my body in the weeks after childbirth} and the entourage of water bottles that currently follows me wherever I go.

SO. Lay it on me Mamas.  What else am I missing?  Give me your magical remedies.


Baby update:  I hit 39 weeks on Tuesday and had my 39 week appointment today.  Things are continuing to progress which I’m happy about—I don’t need her to come early but I’m encouraged by the idea of going into labor a few centimeters ahead of the game.  Nonetheless, we scheduled an induction for week 41 if she hasn’t come on her own by then. 

I started having Braxton Hicks last Wednesday which I hadn’t experienced at all, so I thought for sure I was going into labor last week.  And now I still sit here… I look forward to one last weekend to sleep in and run little errands though {while I’m pretty sure Papa Bear wishes she were here yesterday!}.  Until then, you can find me walking…

Thanks for checking in and participating in Baby Overshare Week!  It’s fun to hear from you here and on Facebook.  Guess I should’ve posted all this baby stuff a long time ago…

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