A different kind of triplet…

Monday, January 07, 2013

Christmas Eve PreggoChristmas Eve 2012

While we were in Savannah over Christmas, I was able to spend some fun time with my friends Sarah {left} and Lauren {right}.  Sarah, I’ve known since high school and Lauren, I’ve known for several years since she married my childhood friend Luke {who is one month older than I—our moms were friends when they were pregnant with us}.  We are all pregnant, due exactly three weeks apart, and each expecting baby girls!  We got together for dinner with our husbands in tow and spent the whole night comparing stories, symptoms, and baby gadgets… At the mention of the word “perineum,” the guys bolted to drink beverages we could not share and the girls spent the rest of the night talking about breast feeding.  It was so fun.

Events like this make me sad we’re not in Savannah to spend more time together and walk this road together, but I still look forward to the years ahead and the fun pictures to come with our baby girls.  Lauren is officially a ticking time bomb, hitting 40 weeks today, so stay tuned!

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