37 Week Update

Friday, January 11, 2013

Y'all-- I'm 37 weeks pregnant!! That is full term! That means if baby girl decides to come, nobody will try to stop her! She could pretty much come anytime. I am excited to meet her but so not ready for that!

I've been meaning to post an update forever so some of this info is a few weeks old. This third trimester has just gone by so quickly and how I feel seems to constantly change. But I want to remember this special time because you only get one "first" and the next go round, I may not be so excited about getting kicked in the ribs...

37 weeks

Weight Gain: Do we really need to talk about this at this point?  It’s somewhere between 25 and 30 lbs. Last week it was 27 and this week I actually lost two pounds but the doctor's scale is always a little different than at home. So whatever.  I’m still exercising several times a week and eating a salad is the equivalent of downing Thanksgiving dinner because of my stomach capacity, but I'm pretty sure my third trimester cheeks are starting to trying to outpace with my second trimester boobs.  My consolation prize is no stretch marks and I can still see my feet!

Baby's size: Our final ultrasound last week put her around 5 lbs, 13 ounces and they expect she'll gain 2 pounds over the last four weeks.

Sleep: I was sleeping great for awhile, even without the Unisom.  But the last month has been rough.  I’m just generally uncomfortable because my rib pain is getting ridiculous… More on that later. But every night is different-- last week was terrible, this week is fine. That's pretty much the story of my third trimester-- I think I'm going to die and the next day I feel perfectly normal.

Maternity Clothes: Leggings and flats.  All day long, sister.

Food cravings: MILKSHAKES!  Potentially because I feel so full all the time and milkshakes just fall into the crevices. I finally pulled the pregnancy card and made Tyler drive me to McDonalds at 10pm when it was 30 degrees outside so I could get a McFlurry.  I probably only get one once a week, but I loooove them… The toasted marshmellow milkshake at Good Stuff is completely amazing.

Symptoms: Rib pain, rib pain, aaaand rib pain.  I'm not experiencing many traditional symptoms: I only get minor swelling in my hands when I haven’t had enough water and really don’t have any back or hip pain.  But this rib pain is no joke.  It used to just be on my left and is now creeping to the right.  Laying on my side {the only way I'm supposed to lay, btw!} is very uncomfortable after 30 minutes or so, which is what keeps me up at night.  I have seriously considered strapping myself to a medieval torture device to have my body stretched—what I wouldn’t give for one more inch of torso!

Others: Tyler comments on my heavy breathing.  Sitting up or bending over can induce a lovely vomit-in-my-mouth experience {This has gotten better lately as baby girl has begun her descent...but shaving my legs in the shower was super pleasant for weeks 32-35}. I frequently need a push getting off the sofa.  But this rib pain is my one consistent complaint.  That and feeling full all. the. time.  I’m already dreaming about my first giant, post-pregnancy meal… I’m thinking a steak or mexican food. Or a McDonald's Big Mac. Or a bag of carrots-- I'll eat anything at this point!

Doctor’s Appointment: I’ve had several since my last update.  Baby Girl's heart rate tends to hang out around 140 bpm. When she's super active, her heart rate has been in the 160s. Weekly appointments started last week so I can be examined {which pretty much feels like someone is trying to perform brain surgery from the wrong end of my body...}. At 36 wks, there was nothing to report but my appointment today revealed that I am already starting to dilate and am very effaced... I was NOT expecting her to say that, as I feel no differently than last week, but am glad that things are starting on their own {I hope to avoid being induced}. Doc still thinks my due date stays as is which I'm also happy about-- I need every day I can get!

Movement: Still moving a lot, but in more subtle ways.  Every once in awhile she’ll do something crazy out of nowhere that will make me jump.  Otherwise, I’m feeling a lot of elbows and knees and I can always find her rump.  She occasionally stretches and her bum really starts pushing out against my stomach.  At which point I announce, “BIG BOOTY BABY!!”  Naturally.

Belly Button: As much as I hate to admit it, it’s an outie most days.

What I’m looking forward to: My friend Jamie is hosting my last baby shower this weekend for my DC friends—super excited about that. {Spoiler alert-- said shower happened on Sunday and it was spectacular. Look at these cupcakes inspired by baby girl's bedding! Have you ever seen such a thoughtful touch?? Jamie did an amazing job and I am so blessed to have wonderful girlfriends in this city...}

  Other than that, I just want to meet this girl already! I can't wait to see Tyler become a dad and I can't wait to snuggle her with us on quiet mornings.

What I miss: Uh, not being pregnant.  I'm a little over it at this point...

What I will miss: Having her with me all the time.  I truly don’t mean this to sounds selfish, but I enjoy being the only one that really knows her.  Right now, no one else has held her but me.  I know her every kick and jab and hiccup.  But soon I have to share her with the world, which I know I am so lucky to do.  But I am relishing these last few weeks where she feels like she’s mine all mine….

I'm going through a ton of emotions in these final days. I should probably dedicate them to a post of their own for my own record. I am so excited for her to be her with us but I am alsi sad to close this chapter of our marriage and walk away from life as we know it. Luckily, much joy awaits us!

Gender: Still a girl and keeping her name under wraps.  A lot of people think they’re sooo smart and know it already but I’m pretty sure our secret is still a secret. Smile  Right now, she’s just sweet baby girl…

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