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Friday, December 07, 2012

The Elephant in the Room…

Okay, enough time has passed that I can bring myself to talk about the Georgia game last weekend… Did you guys see that?? To channel Les Miles, “WOW—WHAT A GAME!”  As I’d hoped, there was couch jumping and screaming, Ogletree body slamming, sacks by Jarvis, fumbles and interceptions, faked field goals, and Murray didn’t psych himself out.  But we still didn’t win…

Of course I would have preferred a different ending, but it was SO fun for my team to be the one in the big game…not LSU, not Florida, but Georgia—I’ve never in my lifetime seen them in a game of that significance.  It was so fun to get excited, to read and watch all of the analysis in the days leading up to it, and to enjoy all of the overwhelming and positive national attention, despite the loss.  It’s been a long time since I’ve been that insane during a game—I can’t describe the roller coaster of emotions in those final minutes as we thought we’d lost it, then had another chance, and were literally seconds and yards away from winning the whole thing.  The abrupt ending was crushing but I love my team and am SO SO SO proud of them.  I think the 2008 Blackout game can be put to rest and I think we can all agree, we are NOT the 7th best team in the country…Don’t get me started on the BCS.  It’s GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldawg.

And after all that…we now play NEBRASKA in our bowl game.  We knew it was bound to happen since they moved to the Big Ten but somehow didn’t think it would happen this year… I’m feeling pretty good about our odds though!  Poor Tyler is going to have to suffer my family on our visit to Georgia for Christmas… Too bad we won’t be in Nebraska—I’m considering sending a box of UGA shirts to the whole family just to be obnoxious.  Tyler’s been trying to convince me Nebraska is the better team for years—he’ll never live this down if when we win.  Go Dawgs!!

Onto Etsy…

Awhile back, I asked for input regarding Christmas items for my Etsy store.  This time last year, I made my grand array into the Etsy world.  I was so pleased, surprised, and overwhelmed with the response I received, I was trying to plan better for this Christmas season.  And I had every intention of continuing the store beyond Christmas merchandise but somehow the year got away from me and I had to discontinue the coasters since I’m pregnant.  {The fumes were too much.  I’m hoping to get those back up in the spring when it’s warm and my baby isn’t brand new.}  Anyway, many of you emailed and left comments with recommendations for products you’d like to see and they were SO helpful.  My plan was to get much of it made in September and October to prevent a December mental breakdown.  But since we had to move so abruptly, September and October were sucked away by higher priorities…like eating and sleeping and growing life inside me…and now, ain’t no way mama is painting any pillows this year!  However, I recently listed a few holiday items that I can produce and get out quickly… I can’t guarantee no mental breakdown this month, but if I do I can’t blame Etsy orders!

Red Christmas Plate

Green Christmas Plate

Red Christmas Platter

Product Sample{These calendars are my new favorites… I sold my first set today!}

I’m under no false pretenses that I’ll be painting pillows or sealing coasters in February, but as life {and my work schedule} change in the coming months, I do hope that I can carve out a niche in the Etsy world and find a nice balance between working and supplementing my income while at home with baby girl…

And The Bathroom…

I was a little whiney & overwhelmed a few weeks ago with this little project but I’m happy to report it’s all done and I’m pleased with the results!

It took one new can of paint, one new light fixture, and I ended up buying new towels bars {I tried Rustoleum’s Metallic Satin Nickel spray paint on the old ones, but the end result looked like I’d just gone to Michael’s and sprinkled them with Elmer’s glue and glitter…} so the whole project ended up costing just under $100 {$13 paint + $45 towel bars from Target + $30 light fixture + $10 in spackle and sandpaper…it was originally supposed to cost $50}.  Everything else I used I already had! 


DSC_0495{I love these prints I bought in Savannah a few years ago.  Isle of Hope and Dutch Island are both neighborhoods I spent time in growing up…}



The walls aren’t perfectly smooth and the light fixture will eventually be moved because it’s not properly centered with the mirror, but the overall before and after is great and I have no reservations about our guests using this space.  It’s amazing what a little paint and elbow grease will do to a space!  Now just wait until I get my hands on the laundry room…

photo 11

For now, we’re headed back to The Homestead for the weekend!  There was recently a Groupon we took advantage of and we are so excited to go back after our first visit in February.  This will be our third attempt since August to leave town and relax for a few days without any drama or travel restrictions or cancelled flights or leases… I don’t want to tempt fate, but this is our last chance at a babymoon.  And I seriously can’t wait.  Our friends Jamie & Michael are coming with and bringing sweet baby Ryder to add to the fun.

How pretty is this place going to be at Christmas??

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