If You Start to Peel Some Wallpaper…

Monday, November 19, 2012

I had a hard time facing Monday last night.  I had a very reasonable to-do list for the weekend that I was quite confidant I’d be able to tackle before leaving town for Thanksgiving on Wednesday.  I was going to tackle our two bathrooms, as well as a few other small projects.  It was all planned out perfectly in my head.

And when it was done I was going to show you my pictures of not one but TWO amazing, fast, cheap, DIY bathroom makeovers and you were all going to be like, “Oooooh, it looks awesome!  How do you do it all Kate??”  And I was going to be like, “Seriously guys, it was so fast and easy.  Anybody could do it.” 

It was going to be called “Two Days, Two Bathrooms.”


{Upstairs, Downstairs}

But, as you can see, it’s called “If you start to peel some wallpaper…”


Because if you start to peel some wallpaper, chances are you’re going to find a second layer.  And after you peel the second layer of paper, you’re probably going to find a shoddy drywall job.  And when you find a shoddy drywall job, you’re going to need to a lot of spackle.  And when you spackle a lot, you’re going to need to sand a lot.  Electric sander a lot.  {Have I mentioned we rent??}

And after you sand a lot, you’ll need to prime.  And THEN after the primer dries and you wash out the roller and the pan and it’s 9pm on Saturday night and you’re FINALLY ready to paint and you have the perfect shade of green that you tested out before buying and looked great, you start to paint and it looks like this…

{This picture does not accurately portray the shade of dark, olive-y green that currently exists downstairs.  If it actually looked like this, this puppy would be finished.}

And if you’ve made it this far in the project just to hit another road block, you’ll probably want to cry and regret you even started this.  It’s a fine shade of green that I would otherwise like but the point of this make-over was to be quick, easy, and inexpensive—I’m using a shower curtain, pictures, and bathmats that I already have—and this shade of green does not match the light breezy, beachy shade of green I was going for.  When tested in patches it looked great, but when it covered all four walls in this small space, it just screamed pea soup.  Not beach cottage.

And after we did church and lunch and errands for baby and grocery shopping yesterday, we didn’t get home until 4:00 and I just didn’t have another trip to Home Depot in me to find new paint. 

So there it sits.  Unlikely to be addressed before we leave for Thanksgiving, waiting for our return when I should be decorating for Christmas.

But I did tackle our upstairs bath—this went rather seamlessly…because it involved no paint, wallpaper, or wall repair of any kind.

Our upstairs bath is teeny tiny, so it’s hard to get a picture of.


Inspired by these pictures, I knew I wanted to go for a green, black, and white color scheme.  {I love the original black & white subway tile.}

green, black, and white for the bathroom

So I bought two new shower curtains and a new rug at Target.  They were $70 total and I had a $50 gift card. Done.

The black and white shower curtain went up as is.  The green and white shower curtain was cut up and turned into a roman shade using blinds that were already there {using this tutorial}, and the rug went on the floor.


Unlike my basement nemesis, this project only took as long as it took to make the curtain {about an hour}, and made a big impact on the small space!  I’m considering painting the ceiling at some point and also monogramming the shower curtain.  We’ll see.

So there you go, Two Days, One Bathroom, One Giant Headache. Stay tuned….

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