Breaking my silence…

Friday, November 30, 2012

If you’ve been around this blog for any significant amount of time, you know that I’m an avid Georgia Bulldawg.  I love college football and I live for Saturday afternoons in the fall.

That being said, something has changed in me over the last few years.  I used to be insane.  Emotional.  Optimistic. I was lunatic watching big games and I’d cry when we lost to Florida.  I blogged about it all. the. time {Examples A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H…}.  I checked DawgSports three times a day and in my heyday, I was even cited by the T. Kyle King a few times.  I was big time.

But something happened…

We kept losing.

Pre-season hype repeatedly deflated three games into the season.  Nationally televised games were frequently an embarrassment.  Hyped players were constantly suspended or left early for the draft.  And I often felt like we’d never be able to get ahead in our division with our high character coach competing against other morally challenged opponents. {<--- FYI, that is not a complaint against Mark Richt.}

Yes, something happened…

I became a cold, numb realist.

{According to blog archives, it happened somewhere around October 2009.} I still yell and scream but can’t say I’ve shed any tears of disappointment.  Loss is often followed by an honest, “Welp…that’s Georgia.”  I felt like we’d always be good, but never great.  Ranked, but never on top.  If I’ve learned anything over the last 10 years of my adult fandom, Georgia is consistently inconsistent.  You never know what team’s going to show up and I’ve learned to take pre-season hype and winning predictions with a certain level of reticence.

Remember this?

This season started out no differently than others in recent history… A decent pre-season ranking and predictable wins over cupcake teams.  An appalling bashing from South Carolina on national television.  Nailing biting wins that shouldn’t have been nail biters.  Our offense was inconsistent and our defense initially scared the mess out of me {not in a good way.}  Just another season.

But then something happened…

We kept winning. 

And the SEC East turned out not to be so weak.  And our defense became consistent…and good.  And we kept winning…And our rank kept climbing.  And then it was November!

And something happened I’ve never experienced in my fandom…

We had a real, live, it could possibly happen, no voodoo magic required, chance of going to the national championship!

In 2007, I wrote a ten point checklist on what needed to happen for Georgia to make it to the big game {oh, those days of naïve optimism…except it actually almost happened.}.  Teleport to 2012 and there’s no checklist!  No one has to lose for us to make it, we need no favors—we just have to win.  I’ve spent the entire season waiting for us to lose or embarrass ourselves or generally expecting to be disappointed, that this twist of fate has snuck up on me!

So here we are, on the eve of the SEC Championship game against Alabama.  Truthfully, I have no idea what will happen tomorrow; I wait with reserved optimism.  I believe it could go either way, but I believe we have a chance.  And it’s fun to be excited.  This is totally new territory for me as a Bulldawg fan—I have never seen them play in a game of this magnitude.

So here’s to hoping there’s couch jumping and screaming and winning dance parties.  Here’s to hoping Alec Ogletree keeps body slamming folks, Jarvis Jones sacks AJ McCarron a few dozen times, and Bacarri Rambo gets fifteen interceptions.  Here’s to hoping Gurshall gets a thousand yards rushing and Aaron Murray doesn’t psych himself out.  Here’s to hoping my euphoric love of the Bulldawgs can be revived, if even for a game or two.  Because if we win this, I feel very, very optimistic about our chances against Notre Dame. 


Let’s all time warp back to the 1980 Sugar Bowl against Notre Dame… But first, let’s beat Alabama!

Gooooooo Dawgs!!

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