30 Week Update

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Can we just talk for one little minute about how I am THIRTY weeks pregnant?  THIRTY. I mean, that is pregnant for REAL.   In some sense, another ten weeks of belly growth sounds horrifying. But I really wouldn’t mind if this baby gave me an extra month to prepare.  Before, I never understood people that said they weren’t prepared by the time the baby came, like “What have you been doing for the last 40 weeks??”  But we are totally not ready.  At all. Not even close.  But anyway, here’s the latest…

30 weeks

Weight Gain: I dunno—I feel {and look} like I exploded in the last month.  Because of the complications a few weeks ago, my monthly appointments are a little off, so I don’t go back until 31 weeks {The Rain Man in me HATES that they’re on uneven weeks now}.  I’m going to guess 20 pounds, which is where they say I should be, but those new numbers on the scale are still not easy to see!  No stretch marks that I can see, no linea nigra {Should this be there by now?  Am I in the clear since I don’t have it yet or is there still time?}

Baby's size: Two weeks ago, she weighed 2 lb,15 oz—almost three pounds!  And every doctor has commented on how tall she is.  At 28 weeks, her femurs were measuring 30 weeks. I'm told she is about the size of a head of lettuce.

Sleep: Bad news—I confessed to my doc I was taking Unisom on a nightly basis and she said that was no bueno.  It’s safe and over the counter, but I shouldn’t take it daily, so… So far, I’m sleeping relatively well.  And I’m not groggy in the morning, so that’s nice.

Maternity Clothes: Lots of jeans and leggings and I own a few poncho sweater-y things that are SO comfortable.  I need a new strategy now that it’s getting cold-- sweaters and the third trimester just don’t jive. I wore a heavy sweater dress on Sunday and looked like that thing from Ghost Busters.

Food cravings & aversions: Nothing new to report.  Diet preferences have still changed very little overall.

Symptoms: I AM SO TIRED OF GOING TO THE BATHROOM!  I also developed this lovely rib pain on my left side when I flew a few weeks ago. It's not from the baby, I think it's all those displaced organs pushing upward. So I now ice my ribs frequently and ACE wrap myself if I'm going to be sitting for awhile. One other thing I always forget to mention-- bleeding gums! I mean seriously. I'm trying to think of a funny way to explain how much my gums bleed when I brush my teeth, but all I can come up with is that my gums bleed a lot. I've had this bad from the beginning. Weird and gross.   Anyway, third trimester discomforts are definitely starting to sneak in but overall I really feel okay most of the time.

Doctor’s Appointment: Passed my glucose test at 28 weeks—yay!  Bump is still measuring normally and baby’s heart rate is steadily around 140 bpm.  Amniotic fluid is back to normal as far as I know.

Movement: Feeling and watching her move is by far my favorite part of pregnancy.  She is predictably squirmy in the mornings and nights and I love laying in bed, starting and ending my day with her.  I still can’t differentiate elbows or knees, but I can definitely poke around and find where she is.  THERE IS A THREE POUND ALIEN IN ME, so it’s not too hard to find her.  I love it.

Belly Button: What belly button?

What I’m looking forward to: Christmas!! But I'm also nervous I'm going to stress myself out so I'm also looking forward to the three weeks I'll hopefully have in January to not travel and get things in order for the big day. There's also this little SEC championship game coming up that I'm awaiting with nervous expectation...

What I miss: I had a sip of Tyler's wine the other night and almost starting crying.

Gender: Thanks to the multiple ultrasounds a few weeks ago, we are completely sure it’s a girl!  The tech said her gender was the clearest part of the ultrasound and even snapped a picture for Tyler. "Oh boy-- A picture of your daughter's lady parts!" Just what he always wanted...

Here's a little timeline progression of the bump so far...

16 weeks20 weeks copy25 weeks30 weeks

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