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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Anybody out there?

Probably not, but I’m back!  It was a crazy month, that September, but we made it to the other side alive, unharmed, and relatively sane.  We were packing non-stop upon our return from Labor Day vacation in my over-nesting attempt to keep this move as efficient and organized as possible.


Breaking news: Organized, efficient moves are not humanly possible. Despite your best efforts, regardless of label makers.  There will ALWAYS be a “random” box. {Or ten.}

Luckily, our new place was already empty and our landlords were kind enough to let us bring boxes over early.  They also let us paint before we moved in which was a huge help {Or that’s what the painters said…}.  So by September 25th a significant portion of our stuff was here, the 26th it was painted, and the 28th we were completely moved out of our place!  I was so ready to be done “transitioning” {and still annoyed to be moving}, there was no room for nostalgia… I spent the last month George Banks-ing it: “I mean, who needs this old shack anyway? Look at it!”

photoPeace out, old place!

We’ve been hard at work settling in over here; my mom even came up last weekend while Tyler was out of town, and helped set-up {she was a HUGE help}.  I have to remind myself as I get annoyed at the ever present box in the corner that we haven’t even been here two weeks. 

So it’s not perfect, but there are definite signs of life around here… I think it’s going to be perfect for our little family.

DSC_0463 copy{Front yard}

DSC_0441 copy{Our main living space on the first floor}

DSC_0442 copy

DSC_0426 copy

TV wall copy

DSC_0430 copy{Entry hallway as you come in the front door}

DSC_0434 copy{Cute plates as you turn into the kitchen…}

DSC_0436 copy{That I backed into five seconds later…}

DSC_0432 copy

DSC_0433 copyDSC_0452 copyDSC_0455 copy

But don’t be fooled!  When you pan out, you see a whole ‘lotta this…

DSC_0457 copyDSC_0450 copyDSC_0437 copyDSC_0448 copyDSC_0435 copyDSC_0449 copy

And there are untouched rooms altogether…

DSC_0459 copyLike the basement…

DSC_0460 copyAnd the laundry room… {Holy wallpaper!}

DSC_0461 copyAnd the guest bathroom… {Holy wallpaper and camoflaged shower curtain!}

There are certainly a number of projects to complete around here, but it’s a great house and we’re really excited about it.  Our landlords have been great about letting us make little changes here and there and letting us feel like it’s ours.  We’re especially ready to tackle the nursery! 

And I swear it, I will write it in blood—I AM NOT MOVING AGAIN. 

For at least three years.

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